Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pretty & Practical Storage: Lipsticks

Hey guys, sorry it took so long for me to do the 2nd installment of my Pretty & Practical Storage, I promise that they will be coming more frequently now.

So my last Pretty & Practical post was all about rings, and today's is going to be about lipstick!

 Seriously if you had looked at how many lipsticks I owned a year ago, it would've been about 4. Now I've got well over 20 and I don't even know how that happened, they just seem to multiply when I'm not looking! With this sudden increase in lipsticks I had to find a better way to store them than shoving them in a bin where they were all toppled on top of each other and the ones at the bottom weren't getting used.

So that sent me on the hunt to find something to put all my lipsticks neatly in. I had my eye on the Lipstick Holder from the Container Store, but really there's not one near me and I just didn't think the acrylic would look that nice if I kept it on my vanity.

When I nixed that idea, I happened to come across the Black Nickel Willow Square candle holders while in Bath & Body Works. If you remember I did a post called "$6.50 Lipstick Storage"in September that was about this little handy tip.

 I believe this particular candle holder is permanent at Bath & Body Works (at least for now!) because I've seen it there for months now and it hasn't been listed as 50% off which usually means an item is getting the axe. But you know how Bath & Body Works is, they discontinue things left and right so if you like this exact holder grab it while you can!

I went with the square holder instead of the various round ones they have because pretty much all of my lipsticks are squares so I figured it would have a snugger fit to prevent things from sliding around. The Black Nickel Willow Square holders in the large size (there's a smaller one here) fit 25 lipsticks perfectly and I've since bought another one to keep lipgloss/extra eyelash curlers and other tools in.
This way of storing my lipsticks is kind of the best of both worlds for me, I get the element of keeping things organized but it still looks great on my vanity. I have a lot of makeup and I want to display it nicely dammit! I can finally see all the colors I own and it's much easier for me to quickly grab one, apple it, and throw it in my bag. That way nothing gets neglected.
The only thing that slightly worries me about keeping my lipsticks in this metal candle holder is that I worry the ones around the edges will get scratched (I know I know, that's the OCD in me speaking)! But I'm happy to say I haven't experienced any of that so far.
So there you have it guys, an affordable way to house 25 of your lipsticks that still looks beautiful kept on top of a table. What makes using these Black Nickel Willow Square better than acrylic holders that have little slots for your lipsticks is that this candle holder can be re-used again and again for different things (hey you might even use it for a candle one day) and still look just as beautiful! Plus you can't beat the $6.50 price tag.


  1. That candle holder is really pretty! The square shape is also great for lipstick storage :) How nifty and an affordable storage option. My lipsticks have reached a totally insane number - I think I will need about 5 of these ;)

    1. Haha yes I'm so worried I will need to keep buying these if my collection gets any bigger, might have to think of a new way for my hoarding tendencies ;)!

  2. That's so clever! I think I may even have one laying around that would work perfect for my lipsticks! Thanks :)

    1. You're welcome, show me a picture if you end up storing your lipsticks that way!

  3. Thats a great idea. It looks so tidy but not plain either. Although if you were worried about scratches you could always line the inside with a pretty card or fabric to act as a barrier? Although it looks nice the way it is.
    S xx

    1. You know I thought about that but I didn't want to ruin how pretty the cut outs are! It works for me right now, but I think if my collection grows any bigger/I get a new storage system for my makeup I'll just put them in acrylic lipstick holders in a drawer.

  4. oh my gosh!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea :) I love that design of that holder.....I'm going to have to hunt around for a similar one now since we don't have bath & body works over here :(
    Thanks for sharing!


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