Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My MAC Collection: Paint Pots

Hey guys, I know I've been on a little hiatus (I work in retail and Black Friday was SO not fun, took a lot out of me) but I'm getting back on track and continuing My MAC Collection series with my Paint Pots!

It's kind of impossible to be a part of the beauty community and not hear about these cream shadows, they've created quite a name for themselves. Most people love to use Painterly or Soft Ochre as an eyeshadow primer because Paint Pots are supposed to be super long wearing and prevent creasing.

Groundwork ($18.50, permanent)- this particular Paint Pot and I have such a love/hate relationship. I bought this one the same time as Treasure Hunt and Idyllic (around this time last year) and as you can see it's starting to get dried out. I treat these things like my babies so I know it's not from error on my part, but Groundwork is much drier in texture than any other Paint Pot I own. I will say though that makes it fantastic to wear throughout the day, it will not crease on you, even without a primer and even without a shadow over it.The color is a beautiful taupe that's too not too purple and it looks matte but Groundwork actually has a subtle sheen to it.

 Indianwood ($18.50, permanent)- I love this Paint Pot so much, it was a gift for my birthday from my brother (with a little persuasion on my part) in July of 2011! My first Paint Pot ever, it certainly has the most use out of my entire cream eyeshadow collection. It's a stunning metallic bronze, almost orange shade that would seriously flatter anyone with blue eyes. I love that Indianwood is such a versatile cream shadow, it really transforms to whatever eyeshadow you put over it so it works for any gold, brown, or beige shades. Indianwood has such a creamy texture, it's a breeze to blend but requires a bit of layering if you want to wear it on it's own because it can be a little sheer. I never wear Indianwood without a primer under it and a shadow on top of it because it does tend to crease on my eyes with such a creamy formula.

 Treasure Hunt ($18.50, limited edition)- This Paint Pot was part of the Posh Paradise collection from last September, which was so up my alley because it was full of new Paint Pots! I regret not picking up more from that collection, but still thankful I got my hands on Treasure Hunt. This is an incredibly creamy Paint Pot that has a lot of slip to it so it's really not suitable for wearing on it's own (not to mention it's a little on the sheer side) but is incredible for enhancing any gold eyeshadow. I pair this one with Urban Decay's Half Baked all the time and always get compliments.

Idyllic ($18.50, limited edition)- Also part of the Posh Paradise collection, Idyllic is one of those products I kick myself for buying. A couple months after I bought this Maybelline came out with their Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows and a shade called Pomegranate Punk which looks very similar to Idyllic. Blushing Noir does a lovely comparison of both of them, and I seriously wish I had skipped Idyllic because Paint Pots are not cheap! I mean don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful color and has a good creamy texture but I prefer to save money where I can when dupes are spot on like that.

So that is my collection of Paint Pots! It's hit or miss in terms of texture, if you want that's a little drier that will last all day Groundwork is it, for just basis shades like Indianwood are awesome. I do wish MAC would expand their permanent Paint Pots though because they are lacking a nice color selection and some of them are pretty generic.

I have a bunch of Maybelline's Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows which are very similar in texture, and even a little better in their lasting power if you're on a budget and looking for something similar (not to mention they come in all sorts of fun shades)!

Have you guys ever tried Paint Pots?

L to R: Groundwork, Indianwood, Treasure Hunt, Idyllic


  1. These look gorgeous! I don't have any yet but they are on my wish list ! S xx

  2. Oh gosh you are enabling me with these haha! I love MAC paint pots but don't use them nearly enough, that being said Indianwood has been put on the wishlist ;) xx


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