Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Friday Haul!

So as you guys know, I work in retail so Black Friday was absolutely crazy! The mall where I work had some stores actually opening on Thanksgiving. I was scheduled for 4:30 in the morning, which was terrible because I could not manage to fall asleep so I was basically dealing with cranky customers during an all nighter!
I did actually enjoy working because there wasn't a moment where you didn't have something to do, so the day completely flew by. But people we're pretty push and shove (even to employees) so it was a battlefield!

I got out of work at 1:00 pm so I was not itching to go shopping but Bath & Body Works was certainly somewhere I had my heart set on going because they were doing $5 Wallflower 2-Pack Refills! I've recently been into home fragrance so I didn't want to miss out (and Wallflower 2-Pack Refills are currently $6 online and in stores right now)!

An inviting and warm blend of fresh ground nutmeg, vanilla and pralines atop a base of dark, rich rum.

An intense cinnamon scent layered rich pink peppercorn, clove buds and nutmeg.

An intense blend of cinnamon, sweet clove buds and nutmeg.

Golden apples, pine needles and holiday cider are combined with a touch of ground cinnamon.

The perfect blend of spicy ginger, rich buttercream and brown sugar topped with whipped vanilla frosting

Tropical fruits and crisp lotus combine to quench the desire for lush fragrance, as Slatkin & Co. master perfumers, under the guidance of Harry Slatkin, expertly blend sweet pineapple, luscious mango, and lotus with a hint of warm vanilla.

I think it's safe to say I'm all set on Wallflowers for the next year!

Did you guys pick up anything on Black Friday?


  1. We don't do black friday here, but it's my first time catching some sales online. I should get myself some proper home scented stuff too.

  2. Looks like you picked up some awesome stuff! I don't know where you got the energy to shop after working such crazy hours! :)
    S xx

  3. Ahh I wish they had those wallflower things here! I love cinnamon :D


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