Monday, November 12, 2012

My MAC Collection: Blushes

Hey guys, I want to start doing these little "My Collection" posts as sort of a way I can do a makeup collection without actually doing it because that would be one massive post!

I thought I'd start off with my MAC blushes since
 1. MAC is a popular brand that people are curious about the quality of and 
2. it's no secret that I will hoard anything and everything related to blush!

Currently I only own Limited Edition MAC blushes just because that phrase "limited edition" never fails to make me panic and feel like I must pick up that item!

 Modern Mandarin ($20, limited edition)- this blush was part of the Tres Cheek collection which came out around March of this year. I was on such an orange kick at the time so when I saw the promotional images for Tres Cheek I KNEW I was going to be bringing Modern Mandarin home, I never even swatched it in store! This blush is slightly coral because there's a pinch of pink in it and not too much red, but applied lightly on my skin it looks like nothing more than a true orange with the slightest sheen. Modern Mandarin isn't quite matte but it's not shimmery or sparkly, it just has a bit of life to it. I love that unlike my other MAC blushes Modern Mandarin is super soft, blends like a dream, has fantastic pigmentation, and lasts the entire day even on my oily skin. I'd even go so far and say this is my favorite blush in my entire blush collection, it just works so well on my skin and I will grab it whenever I don't know what to wear. I really wish Modern Mandarin was part of the permanent collection at MAC, I think it's very unique and they don't sell any other color quite like it!

Fleet Fast ($21, limited edition)- this blush was part of the Hey Sailor that came out around May of this year. Fleet Fast is a coral color with a lot of red to it and a beautiful gold sheen that shows a lot better when sheered out on the cheeks. I'm not as impressed with this blush from MAC, the texture of it is fairly hard, the pigmentation takes a little bit of effort to get built up, and I don't feel like it lasts throughout the day. The gold shimmer is nothing too overpowering when I wear it, it's definitely there but nothing so strong that you couldn't pull off a shimmery eye at the same time! After a while I started noticing I have fairly similar shades in my collection already (a dupe post is soon to come!) that pretty much have the same effect on the cheek so I feel like if you didn't manage to get your hands on Fleet Fast while it was out it's nothing to cry over.

Immortal Flower ($20, limited edition)- this is another blush that was part of the same collection, Tres Cheek, as Modern Mandarin. Another one I didn't even swatch before leaving the store and boy do I regret it! This particular color is kind of deceiving in the pot, you'd think it would come off as a light peach shade, but it swatches with a lot of pink to it making Immortal Flower look like a coral (forgive me that I describing everything as "coral", there's a lot of variations within that word) that's pretty much matte on the skin! I despise the texture of Immortal Flower, it's super dry and hard, I have to literally scrape my brush in it between 5-10 times to get any color, and it seems to disappear as soon as I put it on. I was hoping Immortal Flower would be a gorgeous light peach blush that would just be super easy to throw on when I need a subtle cheek, but it ends up being too subtle for my liking and just overall very difficult to work with. Again, not a blush I would be too upset over if you missed out on it!

So there you have it, my 3 MAC blushes! As you can tell I have mixed reviews of them, I find it pretty hit or miss with blushes that are released in collections. I haven't tried out any of the permanent shades, but I would hope those have good quality across the board because they've been around for a long time so MAC could perfect them.

Do you guys have any MAC blushes? Any shades I must try?

L to R: Fleet Fast, Modern Mandarin, Immortal Flower


  1. Modern Mandarin looks like such a gorgeous colour! I'm so bummed I missed it.
    S xx

  2. I love Modern Mandarin! it's gorgeous!

  3. It's been a while since I Purchased a MAC blush because I remember them being $16:(
    My favorite MAC blush all time is Melba.


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