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 Sidebar Advertising

I like to offer monthly slots for companies, organizations, other bloggers, etc. to advertise themselves with your own button. I do a blog post at the beginning of each month that includes a little description of the site you're advertising written by me with a screen capture photo and every Friday for that month I do a little Follower Friday on Twitter.

I ask that anyone looking for sidebar advertising on Massachusetts Mask keep it related to beauty and fashion!

Sidebar Advertising Requirements:

-200 x 200 (maximum) button

Rates for Sidebar Advertising:

$10.00- A spot for your button in the sidebar from the 1st of the month until the 1st of the next month, a blog post in the beginning of that month that includes a screenshot of your website and a little description written by me, a Twitter Follower Friday every Friday of that month

 $15.00- If you book 2 months straight, includes everything you would get for one month

$20.00- If you book 3 months straight, includes everything you would get for one month

I also offer another option for those on a tight budget (we all know what it's like!) where we can "swap" sidebar advertising on our websites. To do this I like to make sure that whoever I'm swapping with has a similar system to me (monthly slots, blog post at beginning of the month, Twitter mentions) so its a fair trade!

Sponsored Posts

Every now and then I do publish a sponsored post that I am paid to show. I make it a point to always let you know it is sponsored and I make it a point not to spam my readers with them as making money is not my intention with Massachusetts Mask!

I do ask that any organizations, companies, blogs that wish to have me publish a sponsored post keep it beauty or fashion related.

If there's any special requests you have be sure to shoot me an email with details and I'd be happy to give you an estimated price.

Rates for Sponsored Posts:

$25.00- For your pre-made post

$35.00- For a post I write with my thoughts on your company, organization, event, sale, etc.

Affiliate Links

On every post I write I do my best to link any information/products so you can find them easily, there's nothing more frustrating than coming across something you want to look at but there's no link! Currently none of the links I provide are affiliate links, I just personally don't really think they do much in terms of generating revenue. I don't want to make money from people making impulse purchases off of my links, it would just be contradictory to my "research first, buy later" philosophy when it comes to makeup. That's not to say anyone who does use affiliate links is bad, it just doesn't quite work for me!

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