Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bearpaw Ankle Booties

So my mom bought these for me back in like the 7th grade when I was in such an Ugg phase, but she just really didn't want to spend $120 on shoes. These were only like $60, but trust me, it is so not worth it. Honestly just save your money until you can afford an actual pair of Uggs. 50 pairs of fuggs doesn't compare.

Pros: These are obviously cheaper than Uggs.

Cons: I don't know if this happens with actual black Uggs, but these shoes get dirty SO easily. The fur on the inside isn't as fluffy as Uggs, and it leaves my socks/ankles with black stains. The opening is hard to get your foot into, you really have to tug.

They come in many other styles/colors, so maybe those are actually worth checking out, but don't waste your money on the Ankle Booties.


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  2. These style of boots are definitely really comfortable and always fashion! Good post!

  3. thanks for the info! I'm thinking about buying some uggs so this is really useful for me!

    I would like to invite you to my blog. There's a giveaway going on at the moment, so good luck if you decide to join! :)


  4. @Oh,Wunder! I'll be sure to visit

    @Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris Yes they are, I love them :)

    @Andrea Glad I could help :)

  5. good to know. i had beige and green uggs before and they never got dirty...


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