Monday, November 1, 2010

O.P.I Nail Lacquer "Pink Before You Leap"

I've actually had this polish for such a long time and never used it, but now I'm excited it's November and we're getting close to the holiday season, so I though I'd break it out. As I said before, I take a ceramics class so I need really good nail polish otherwise it just wont last, and that's why I'm starting to get into high end nail polishes; the N.Y.C. ones aren't cutting it anymore.

Pros: So far it's stayed on my nails really well, no chipping or anything. I love the O.P.I bottles for some reason, I just think you get so much product so it justifies paying $8.50 for them, and the bottles look really elegant on my vanity. This polish dries so quickly I was surprised; after about 10 minutes my nails seemed to be totally dry. That undeniable nail polish-y smell isn't as bad with this brand as some of the others I've had, so I won't pass out from the fumes. The polish brush is also really wide, which makes getting your toes in a couple swipes really easy.

Cons: The color looks so beautiful in the bottle, I wish it came out that way. I've put 3 coats on my toes, and the color is just so sheer it doesn't look like much from far away. But if you hold your nails in the light, they sparkle insanely.

Please excuse the chipped nails, it was a long week.
(This is 3 coats)
It may not come out exactly like the bottle, but I still love this color and nothing beats the O.P.I quality.


  1. I've never tried OPI before. They are not easy to find where I live.
    I'd love to see pictures of it on your nails!

  2. @Beauty Addict that's so weird that they're hard to find! I just recently found out they sell O.P.I at my local grocery store.


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