Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation

I went to Sephora about a year ago and asked them for a good concealer to hide the dark spots on my face, and the woman recommended this. I actually don't think they carry Cargo products anymore? So that might make purchasing this again a little difficult, but If you're looking for a concealer with heavy coverage, I'd invest some time in trying to find this.

Pros: It covers the dark spots on my face pretty well with in a couple of coats, and I never need to reapply, this concealer lasts all day. I've recently started using this as an eyeshadow primer, and it actually seems to work pretty well. The tube is huge and you get a ton of product so it will last such a long time; I've had mine for over a year and there's more than half the tube left.

Cons: The product is really liquidy, so I like to put my powder on first and then put this on so it has something to stick to. With the little doe foot applicator I don't know how you could actually use this as a foundation? So Cargo should re-think their packaging, plus this silver tube is pretty ugly compared to other concealers. I also feel that the applicator spreads bacteria on my face when I use it to cover up acne, so they really should just have it be a squeeze out tube.

This Cargo concealer is pretty pricey at $26, but if you're looking for something with multi purposes, this product is worth it.

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