Thursday, November 11, 2010

EOS Lip Balm In Summer Fruit

Haha so I actually begged my mom to buy me a new EOS Lip Balm after I lost mine last week (I'm hoping it just fell out in my dad's car...). Since I've already had the Lemon Drop one, I thought I'd get the Summer Fruit since it's sold out on the EOS website. I was expecting it to be pretty similar to the other flavor, but there actually quite different.

Pros: Obviously the egg packaging is still the coolest thing around.

Cons: This flavor is a different texture than the Lemon Drop, it's more of a gel and Lemon Drop is thicker/creamier. I don't know if that has anything to do with this, but Summer Fruit doesn't moisturize my lips as well as Lemon Drop. It also smells a little artificial? I was expecting fresh fruit, but it's more of a manufactured scent. It also doesn't taste as good if you get a little in your mouth. There's no SPF in this flavor either.

Although I don't like this flavor, I definitely recommend checking out EOS Lip Balms.


  1. Oh! Im so happy you posted this!!! I really... really... want to try the EOS lip balm. This is the only review that actually gave good info on it :) Thank you so much for posting! Please check out my blog and tell me what you think! Im looking for fellow beauty bloggers who I can chat to. You definitely earned me as a follower!

  2. @MakeupSparkle you are so sweet! I'm glad I could help! I will deffinatly be checking out your blog :)

  3. I just bought this at ulta but now I wish I bought the lemon one. I like the smell and taste of this one but I don't think it does anything for my lips. It does nothing, like my lips kinda feel a little drier than before! It does go on smooth if that counts for anything :/

  4. @Beauty on a College budget Yeah I find this one is more of a plastic texture (if that's even possible?!) and the Lemon is significantly more of a melty balm. The Lemon Drop is the only flavor I like/works well for me, and I've tried 4 different ones!


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