Friday, November 19, 2010

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss

I bought this about 4 years ago before my moms wedding, in the color "562B Cherry Glaze" because I thought it would be a little like liquid lipstick and come out bright red like it looks in the tube. I found this in the back of my lip drawer yesterday and absolutely fell back in love with it!

Pros: This lip gloss is exactly like liquid Chapstick brand cherry chapstick, from the smell and the color it gives. You get a nice little touch of red to your lips, nothing too heavy. It doesn't feel sticky or anything, just smooth and glossy.

Cons: The packaging is a little gross, all the glitter letters come off and leave your hands messy. This doesn't last very long on my lips and I find myself applying it a lot throughout the day. There's also no SPF in this gloss.

I probably won't repurchase this just because I think I have better lip products, but if you're looking for a cheap gloss with a little wash of color, this is your product (or if you're a huge cherry chapstick person).


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  2. @Furkie Awh you are too sweet!
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  4. @L.M. haha awh thanks :)
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