Thursday, November 8, 2012

Salve Obsession?

 I was rummaging through the lip section of my makeup storage the other day and noticed a little trend that I just apparently cannot get enough of: lip tins and salves!

Most people tend to stay away from potted lip products because they're worried about the sanitary issues that come with constantly dipping your finger into something that's going near your lips, but I'm a hand sanitizer fiend so it's never been much of a problem for me.

 I love that salve products are multi purpose, that's always the reason I'm carrying one in my bag at all times. I like being able to use them for lip balm, and then slather some on my cuticles or elbows if they're feeling a bit dry. You can't exactly do that with a tube of lip balm!

The ones that I have don't give off any color, so I love to liberally apply them all day long since the slick texture means they don't stick around for more than an hour.

Onto my absurd collection:

Smith's Rosebud Salve ($6.00)- This has been the newest addition to my little salve collection after Apothica sent it to me, and you can tell by the photo bellow it's not my favorite. It does everything the rest of my salves do, but I'm just not a fan of the rose smell! Should have probably known I wouldn't like it since Benefit's Benetint rose smell also bothers me, but I will use it up none the less (probably more so on my elbows/cuticles)!

C.O. Bigelow Blueberry Rose Salve- I bought this at the Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale last year I believe? I'm so kicking myself because it's discontinued and had I known how much I'd love this I would've bought 10 of them! It smells so deliciously fruity and just does wonders for any dry skin on your body or cracked lips.

C.O. Bigelow Apple Rose Salve- Obviously my most used of the bunch, I LOVE this particular salve more than anything! This one along with the Blueberry salve were my first experience with salves and boy was it a good one. My Apple Rose Salve has since been completely finished, and I won't go on about how much I adore this because you sadly cannot get it anymore (arg why did I not buy more)!

C.O. Bigelow Lavender Salve- I'm sorry I keep showing you discontinued salves! But honestly every year Bath & Body Works comes out with some sort of flavored salve that never disappoints me. I particularly love this one for the winter because it smells like lavender macaroons, very yummy! I was smart at the last Semi Annual Sale and bought 3 backups of this haha!

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ($3.00)- Now I know this techinally isn't marketed as a salve, but I consider it to be one because it has the same moisturizing effect on my cuticles, lips, and other dry skin even though it has a balmy texture. I'm obsessed with the peppermint smell, but I wish the packaging was different as it's a serious pain in the butt to open (hence my lack of use)!

 Have you guys ever tried a salve?


  1. Salves look quite good, but I've never seen or heard of them before! I am currently using the Burt's Bees one and I love how instantly moisturizing it is.

    1. Well now that you know about them you simply must go try one, I think you'll love it since they do so many things :) xx

  2. These are all so sweet! I'd collect them for the packaging alone :)
    S xx

  3. I LOVE Smith's rosebud salve! I always gift it to my friends!

  4. My problem with tubs is even though I use hand sanitiser, it doesn't wash your hands :/ so I still feel like I'm putting dirt in the tub and on my lips if not bacteria. I have loads of tubs at home though by my bed, at my desk, in the kitchen literally everywhere I go! And I totally agree about them being multipurpose. I always take one on holiday with me so I can slather my cuticles, elbows and knees with them before I go to bed! I'm a big fan of the badger ones, they smell so good! I'll have to try and find some of your recommendations :) X

    1. Yeah I guess it's still not the most sanitary way to apply something to your lips, but I'd rather just have dirt than germs ;). I've never heard of the badger ones, must find them now! xx

  5. I have the Rose Mint salve, and that's like 50times better. No rosy smell that I notice!


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