Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Knew Owls Could Smell So Good?

You guys should probably know, I'm obsessed with owls! I love any kind of home decor with them on it, so when I saw this Scentportable at Bath & Body Works during my last trip it had to be mine.

If you don't already know what Scentportables are, they're little holders for Fragrance Refills that you buy to put in them. I love to use these things in my closet, car, and in my laundry basket because although they don't give off a ton of scent, it's just enough to keep everything from being stinky!

Radiate your fave fragrances into all the spaces of your life, without a plug, battery or flame. The built-in clip base allows SCENTPORTABLE to hang, sit or rest on virtually any surface.
  • Perfect for your car, closet, drawers, luggage, gym bag, pet area or laundry basket
  • Use it to fill your home with your fave fragrance
  • Fragrance refill sold separately

This Owl Scentportable was only $4.00 and he flaps his little wings when you move his tail side to side!

I picked the Spiced Cider Fragrance Refill and it is honestly beyond delicious, I had to move it off my desk because I was constantly smelling it! It's  perfect mix of crisp apples and nutmeg, nothing better for this time of year. It's been sitting in my closet now for about a month and still going strong, definitely worth the $7.00 total I spent!

I can't find this particular one on the website but when I ran into my Bath & Body Works a few days ago they still had a whole shelf filled with Owls so if you want one head down to your store quickly because I have a feeling these are going fast.

There's also a lot of other holiday Scentportables you can choose from right now, from Polar Bears to Penguins with earmuffs!

Have you ever tried one of these before?


  1. Cute! I always love the new shapes they come out with. My fav scent for my car has to be sweet pea!

    1. That's so weird because I've recently fallen in love with Sweet Pea as well :)!


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