Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sleek Haul!

 Ever since I've seen the gorgeous looking Sleek blushes be used on YouTube and more recently the Sleek Blush by 3 palettes reviewed on blogs I have been itching to make an order!

Sleek Makeup is a UK based brand but they do have international shipping on their website. The thing that was holding me back from placing an order was the hefty $10.00 shipping. I wish we had Sleek in drugstores in the States so I could literally walk down to CVS or Rite Aid and grab these, but sadly you need to get their products online!

I'm a religious reader of the blog Nouveau Cheap, where G (the fabulous woman behind the blog) writes about countless drugstore and high end deals and sales. She has this section of her blog inparticular called "You Tell Me!" which is a page where her readers can come and leave comments about all sorts of things going on that will save you money. On labor day weekend that page was buzzing, and one person had mentioned that Sleek was doing a 20% off sale so I took it as a sign I needed to place an order. If you're not already reading G's blog, you need to get on it because she (and her lovely readers) have saved me a TON of money over the past year I've been reading, who doesn't love that?!

All in all I spent around $50.00 so I got $10.00 off my order, which covered the shipping. One thing that really sets apart the Sleek website from other places where you can order makeup online is that they have swatches. Yes, you heard me correctly, swatches. And not only swatches on your typical medium skin tone, they have every product swatched on fair, medium, and dark skin tones. Super helpful when you're ordering a product you've never had the luxury of seeing in person.

 All of the blushes come in a matte black sleek (I see where they get the brand name from!) rectangular compact with a huge mirror. There's a nice big label on the back that tells you the name of the palette with the names of the individual blushes. There's no space that goes unused, the blushes fill the inside of the compact along with the mirror! As a whole the packaging is very sturdy, it snaps closed very tightly and doesn't have that this-will-break-in-half-with-one-wrong-move feel to it!

 Sleek Blush by 3 in "Flame" $12.49

 The 3 individual colors in "Flame" are called Molten, Bon Fire, and Furnace.

 Sleek Blush by 3 in "Pumpkin" $12.49

The 3 individual shades in "Pumpkin" are called P Pie, Squash, and Lantern.

  Sleek Blush in "Flamingo" $5.99

Sleek Blush by 3 in "Lace" $12.49

 The 3 individual shades in "Lace" are called Chantilly, Guipure, Crochet

Sleek Blush by 3 in "Pink Sprint" $12.49

 The 3 individual shades in "Pink Sprint" are called Pinktini, Pink Ice, Pink Parfait

I'm ecstatic about having these in my hands now, you know when you imagine owning something for such a long time that you can't believe it when you actually buy it?! I haven't had the chance to wear these blushes yet but I've course I've swatched them multiple times and they're all so soft and extremely pigmented! A lot of these shades will make great colors for fall (I have a little post on fall blushes coming up, keep your eyes peeled!) and will transition nicely for Winter, Spring, Summer, basically all year long because there's so many differing colors! For the price I'm thrilled with my purchase, $12.49 for 3 blushes with great quality is a steal.

I do however wish I had skipped on the one single blush in Flamingo , its spot on to Squash from the Pumpkin palette. I've read a lot of people online have had single blushes from Sleek's past collections that are super similar to colors in the Blush by 3 palettes, so just beware if you've already got a Sleek collection going! But other than that I'm very impressed and will certainly be checking out the other products sleek has to offer (I've got my eye on that Face Contour Kit!), only if there's another sale of course ;)

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  1. Awesome choices! It sucks that Sleek isn't available in drugstores over there :(
    S xx

  2. Woah that's a lot of blush!! I'm so jealous you have these! I have a few items from sleek, but no blushes.

    1. You have to get yourself some blushes! Seriously fantastic quality for the price, can't go wrong! xx

  3. Nice selection! I got a 3 piece blush set on a swap I did and love it!


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