Sunday, October 21, 2012

Massachusetts Mask's 2 Year Anniversary!

Hi guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend and just as nice weather as Massachusetts (it was in the 80's here)!

I just wanted to point out on October 17th I have been officially blogging for 2 years :)! Its so weird to say that because I literally feel like I just started yesterday. I can still remember my first post on the Vitamin Schtick lip balms, it always makes me chuckle to go back and read it/see that all I used were stock photos.

I never would have thought I would've stuck with beauty blogging for this long, let alone come as far as I have! Its still so thrilling to me to see a new comment or see how many page views I've gotten on any given day. Its amazing to me to think back on all the opportunities Massachusetts Mask has given me, and I cannot wait to see what's in store for the future!

I'm always thankful to everyone who takes the time to read my little section of the internet :)


All comments are welcome but please be respectful and don't leave a link to your blog, anyone can find it by just clicking on your profile, and be sure to check back as I always try my best to reply!

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