Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Smells of Fall: Bath & Body Works Haul

 Surprise surprise, another haul :). I feel like I have an overload of hauls this month just because fall is my favorite time of year and I feel the need to stock up on new makeup, new clothes, and most importantly, new scents!

You all know I'm a Bath & Body Works fiend, anything new they ever come out with I have to run out and grab. Recently they've had all the new fall scents: Honey Autumn Apple, Brown Sugar & Fig, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Dreamy Vanilla Woods.

When I heard that there was going to be a new apple fragrance I was jumping for joy, I'm crazy for anything apple and always have been! But of course I got distracted when I went in to grab it and ended up getting some other goodies as well.


To spice up my bathroom for fall I just had to grab a foaming soap which are my favorite kind to get from Bath & Body Works because they don't leave the crusty bits (nasty I know) in the sink that the Anti-Bacterial gel kind can! I opted for the Cranberry Harvest scent because its so sweet but still tart with the cranberry, so I'm not overwhelmed by the sugaryness. I actually went back to grab some more because I liked this scent so much but the girls at my store told me this was one of the most popular scents this year and sold out! I managed to still find it online in the Anti-Bacterial soap form so I may have to break down and order them even though that's not my favorite type of soap!


This scent is so delicious that I went a little out of my comfort zone and decided to grab in the shower gel because I don't mind smelling like Honey Autumn Apple all the time! This is in the new Shea enriched version of the shower gel and I will say its definitely more moisturizing than my regular drugstore body washes.


Of course I needed to grab a body lotion to go along with my shower gel! I've been using this every day and its just such the perfect blend of sweet with the honey and crisp with the apple. Once it sits on your skin the smell is very faint, nothing that's going to drive me crazy because I don't usually enjoy smelling like anything when I'm just lounging around the house.

Honey Autumn Apple Travel Sized Body Lotion

A little travel size of Honey Autumn Apple to keep in my purse. Looks like this isn't available online, so you can either just grab the full size or head to your local store to see if they have some!

Honey Autumn Apple Travel Sized Fragrance Mist

My store was out of the full sized Fine Fragrance Mists otherwise you better believe I would've picked it up! Now it looks like online they're sold out of the travel size and have the full size in stock, oh the irony.


I love that Bath & Body Works now offers hand sanitizers that have a pump so you can just plop them on your vanity or desk! Its also a better value in terms of how many ounces you get in comparison to the 5 for $5 deal on the PocketBacs, though there isn't a huge selection of scents. The Fresh Picked Strawberries fragrance is so yummy, its like a mixture of the cherry and watermelon Jolly Rancher!


  1. This makes me SO jealous! I wish we had these in the UK xo

    1. You should check ebay, I think a lot of Bath & Body Works stuff is sold on there and will ship to the UK :) xx


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