Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dry Skin Woes

For as long as I can remember I had such dry skin until up about my Sophomore year of high school, then things started to change over to the oily side. It seemed to happen almost over night, it was like all of the sudden I woke up one day and was having trouble keeping my makeup from sliding off my face!

So when I figured out my skin was the culprit and I needed to totally change how I was caring for it, I was at a loss because I only knew to look for the most moisturizing products.

 Over the last two years I've completely changed my skin care around to cater to the oily-ness, you won't find any products in my bathroom cabinet that don't claim to help keep your skin matte throughout the day!

 Of course along the way I've gotten rid of my tinted moisturizers and have started picking up mattifying primers, oil control powders, etc.

But lately I think my skin has been switching back to its old dry ways (it's bipolar, I swear)! I've been having a ton of dry patches on my forehead, around my mouth, nose, eyes, pretty much everywhere. I haven't changed up my makeup routine, all my products have been the same (same with my skin care) so it leaves me thinking its just my skin switching things up again. The weather here is pretty mellow, nothing too cold to make me think that's the issue either.

So in a desperate attempt to help stop the flake-y patches I've been trying to research some new moisturizers. Its been a while since I needed something targeted towards dry skin so I grabbed a mini Pond's Dry Skin Cream so if it makes me break out or doesn't give me enough moisture I didn't buy a huge tub that will sit in my bathroom unused!

I've only used it for a few nights but it doesn't seem to be doing my skin any good. I'm starting to get a few big breakouts and the dry patches are still coming through when I put my foundation on.

Do you guys have any recommendations for moisturizers that won't irritate my acne prone skin?


  1. I highly recommend Cetaphil, it's used for people with eczema so you can imagine how gentle it is on irritated skin and it smooths away dry skin. My skin regularly suffers from flakies too but I found that it improves the application of my foundation. The t-zone/cheeks can get a little oily and if you're not into that dewy look, you can always powder. I didn't get pimples using this either.

    Oh and you can try putting a mask on, I find that it really helps - and drink more water! Hope your skin feels much better :)

    1. You know I actually used to use Cetaphil about a year ago and it was making me break out worse because usually I need my face wash to have some sort of acne medication in it!

      I will definitely be trying to find some moisture masks, thank you Dawnelia :) xx

  2. I say either Cetaphil or Olay lotion - the original one. I've been using olay for years, and it just works.

    I do have to note that Cetaphil can leave behind a greasy feeling.

    1. Yeah I have used Cetaphil in the past and it just wasn't working out for me. I've never tried Olay before though, thanks for the suggestion :) xx


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