Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Gay Dolphin

Can we just ignore my gross chipped nails?
I can just imagine most of you reading the title of this post and saying "huh?!" haha but I promise I'll explain!

My mom recently went to South Carolina last week on vacation to Myrtle Beach, where we used to go all the time when I was younger. I can always remember the excessive amounts of gift shops they have down there like Eagles and Waves that seem to be around every corner (and I mean multiples of each store)!

But no store was ever as exciting to go in than The Gay Dolphin Gift Cove! Its a huge multilayer store that has everything from stuffed animals to dishes for the house. On the bottom level they have this amazing boutique style set up that is just completely full of jewelry, everything from costume to really expensive jewels. I used to save my money the entire trip until we went to The Gay Dolphin just to spend it all on the amazing selection of jewelry! I still have so many pieces that I bought down there that are so special to me because they bring back a lot of memories.

This time when my mom came back she brought me a pair of earrings that are right up my aisle! They're a bit of a bronze-y rose gold color wire wrapped hoops that are perfect for me since I love to wear my statement earrings! What I love even more is that my mom got herself a slightly smaller pair in a different color so we can match ;)

Just thought I'd share these with you so in case any of you live in/near South Carolina or plan on vacationing there!

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