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MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer: Review & Photos

A lightweight, creamy, discreetly opaque concealer. Provides a smooth, long-wearing invisible coverage for all skin blemishes. Water-resistant, fragrance-free and non-acnegenic. This emollient-based, lightweight concealer is so concentrated that a tiny amount can provide opaque coverage of the skin's imperfections and discolourations. It effectively covers dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks. Enriched with antioxidants (derivatives of Vitamin A and Vitamin E), it also contains silica to help absorb the skin's oils. Concealer has broad spectrum SPF 35 protection and is available in a wide range of colours. It can be applied with a medium to firm fiber brush (try the 242 Shader Brush), a latex sponge, or the fingertips.

New packaging is being phased in for this product. Your shipped product might look slightly different than the one shown on this site.

 7 g / 0.24 US oz US$18.00

Where to Buy:, $18.00 

The MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer ($18.00 for 0.24 oz.) is one of those items in my collection that I've had a love/hate relationship with since I got it about a year and a half ago! It was recommended to me by the makeup artist at MAC when I was looking for something that would really help get rid of the hyperpigmentation I have on my face left over from acne.

I have the shade NW20 which has pink undertones which in turn help cancel out the blue/purple of the hyperpigmentation. Its really important that you get the right undertone in your concealer otherwise it won't do what you want it to! It MAC terms, NW basically means "not warm", warm being yellow toned. So if you're getting something marked NW you're getting something with a pink undertone (the confusing idea that MAC has is they label colors by what color you're not) which is generally good for covering up dark colors like blue or purple. NC is "not cool", so you're getting something with a yellow undertone because pink is cool toned, generally used to help cover up any redness.

It takes a while to get used to that way of thinking, but if you just go to a counter or store the makeup artist will give you the right color if you tell them what you want the concealer to cover!

But now onto the MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer Review!


The MAC Studio Finish Concealer is a very thick cream consistency that's on the drier side. If you go a little while without using it you'll notice the top layer of the concealer sort of dries out a bit. Due to Studio Finish being quite thick, its really not ideal to wear under the eyes. I have done it before when in a pinch and though it really does erase any dark circles, no matter how much powder I use or how little concealer I use it always creases on me! I would not recommend using this concealer if you have dry skin, it will stick to any flaky patches like glue (trust me its not cute).


This stuff is amazing, it could probably cover just about anything on your face (if you use a brush)! When I use a stiff concealer brush, I'm not warming up the Studio Finish Concealer so it goes on thicker. Consequently its harder to get the edges blended out (that's why you really need to get a shade that's close to your skin with the correct undertone to fix what you want) and cakes up quickly. When warmed up and applied with your finger the coverage is sheered out a bit and it pretty much melts into the skin so you'd never know it was there!

Staying Power:

I find that the Studio Finish Concealer has fantastic staying power, there's never been a time I've applied it and then found it wore off throughout the day. Wherever you put it, its going to stay until you wipe it off! MAC really means it when they say this concealer is water proof, it lasts through sweat, tears, oil-y skin, absolutely everything. Its pretty transfer resistant as well, good if you're using it to cover up a tattoo in an area where clothing overlaps.


I just recently noticed that on the MAC website it says they're changing the packaging of the Studio Finish concealer "New packaging is being phased in for this product. Your shipped product might look slightly different than the one shown on this site."! I tried to find some photos of the new packaging, but there doesn't seem to be any out there at the moment. I'm curious to see what MAC is doing differently, because I actually think the concealer packaging I have is pretty practical. It prevents the Studio Finish Concealer from drying out more than a jar type package would (and you never need to worry you screwed on the top tight enough), its pretty minimal meaning there's not a lot of extra "fluff" packaging around where the actual concealer is located, and its very travel friendly. The only thing that annoys me is the plastic window that says "MAC" pops out from time to time.

Final Verdict:

I think if you've got some pretty serious discoloration on your face, really bad acne, or tattoos that you want to cover up, the MAC Studio Finish Concealer would be the product for you. Its really meant to be an opaque concealer designed to conceal everything and not necessarily look natural. You can like I mentioned use your fingers to warm up the product and get a little bit of a natural finish, but I would look for another concealer if that's what you want. Definitely not targeted for anyone with dry skin, it turns into a cake-y and flake-y mess no matter how much primer you use ahead of time! I love that the Studio Finish Concealer has an SPF of 35, it really protects whatever blemish (or tattoo) you're putting it over to ensure it doesn't get any worse.  The $18.00 price tag doesn't really bother me, I think you totally get what you pay for and a ton of product (you can see my tiny dent after a year and a half of use)! Its super easy to go to a MAC counter or free standing store to get color matched so you don't have to worry about finding the correct shade. So overall, if you've got something pretty serious you want to cover up, you have oily skin, and don't mind that "you have makeup on" look, the MAC Studio Finish Concealer is right up your alley!


  1. I have the same love/hate relationship with this concealer! It covers pretty much, but no matter what I do it creases in less than an hour!

    1. Yup that's why I stopped wearing it under my eyes! Love it for anything else on my face that I need to cover up, this always does the trick!

    2. it creases so much under your eyes because its not meant for your under eye area, its meant for blemishes, red spots, acne scars.


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