Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 Fall Fragrances

Hi guys! I'm going to be doing another little series on the blog all about "5 Things for Fall". There will be blushes, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc! But today I'm going to be starting with fragrances!

Its no secret that I'm a huge Bath & Body Works lover, I'm constantly posting hauls and talking about all the yummy new scents! So I thought I'd show you the fragrances that I like to break out for fall as I always rotate what I wear with each season.

I'll warn you, I'm not the best at describing scents so its probably better if you can get over to a Bath & Body Works store to smell these for yourself, but I'll do my best!

Our exclusive Love Love Love fragrance is a lovely trio of white plum, peony petals and glittering vanilla musk

Fragrance Notes: White Plum, Delicate Peony Petals, Glittering Vanilla Musk

Top Notes: Succulent Berries, White Plum, Juicy Pear

Mid Notes: Peony Petals, Lily of the Valley, Freesia

Dry Notes: Blonde Woods, Glittering Vanilla Musk

 Love Love Love came out this year at the end of July! If you take a whiff straight out of the bottle it can smell very overwhelming, you just get hit with a bunch of fruit scents, one of which being banana which is odd since its not listed as an ingredient? There's a hint of vanilla upon first smell and it develops much more when its on the skin. It turns into more of a subtle softer creamy fruit scent where the pear and musk really come through. I don't get much of the floral notes, but that doesn't really bother me because I don't particularly like floral-y scents! I find that Love Love Love has really nice lasting power with the Eau de Toilette and lotion, so its not one of the fragrances from Bath & Body Works that absolutely has to be layered in order to last (but of course that always helps!)

Honey Autumn Apple

Our exclusive Honey Autumn Apple is a fresh blend of crisp red apple, sparkling nectarine and a touch of honey.

Key Fragrance Notes: Crisp Red Apple, Sparkling Nectarine, Touch of Honey

Top Notes: Crisp Red Apple, Sparkling Anjou Pear, Watery Clementine, Juicy Blackberry

Mid Notes: Sparkling Nectarine, Pink Peony, Vanilla Orchid

Dry Notes: Golden Amber, Tonka Bean, Touch of Honey

This is the only limited edition scent from Bath & Body Works I'm including (it'll be in a haul soon!) so make sure to run out and grab Honey Autumn Apple if it sounds like something you want before its gone! Bath & Body Works has always done more crisp apple scents like the Online Exclusive scent Country Apple, but I've never quite seen them do a sweet apple scent. This fragrance is truly delicious, you get that yummy red apple smell at first but then the honey makes it smell almost like a caramelized apple! When it wears on the skin you lose most of that fruitiness and get left with the honey and vanilla. I really have to do the ritual of Honey Autumn Apple (shower gel, body lotion, fragrance mist) in order to get it to last a couple hours, but this scent is so yummy I hope they bring it back next year!

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Our classic, addictive Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance is an alluring scent, inspired by vine-ripened berries drenched in vanilla cream

 Key fragrance notes: Juicy Blackberry, Bergamot, Anjou Pear, Vanilla Orchid, Taffeta Musk

Top Notes: Blackberry, Sparkling Bergamot, Black Currant, Orange, Anjou Pear

Mid Notes: Orris, Osmanthus Flower, Sambac Jasmine

Dry Notes: Creamy Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid, Taffeta Musk

Black Raspberry Vanilla is one of Bath & Body Works older scents which has recently made its way out of stores so its only sold on the website as an Online Exclusive. This is one of the weirdest scents I've ever smelled, its so complex but yet so simple? When you first smell Black Raspberry Vanilla straight out of the bottle its very spicy, you're not overwhelmed by the fruit as you would almost expect to be. I don't get any floral notes, its mostly that dark blackberry and currant that make up the base with just a touch of the vanilla. It wears so light on the skin, no matter how much you put on its always just barely there and you just get those little whiffs of tang throughout the day.

Our exclusive Twilight Woods is a hypnotic blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress inspired by the enticing warmth of woods at twilight.

Key Fragrance Notes: Juicy Berry, Soft Mimosa, Apricot Nectar, Warm Woods

Top Notes: Juicy Berry, Sparkling Mandarin, Coconut

Mid Notes: Creamy Frangipani, Soft Mimosa, Wet Honeysuckle, Wild Freesia, Apricot Nectar

Dry Notes: Oud Wood, Musk, Orris, Vanilla Milk, Warm Woods

 This is one of those classic fall/winter scents that has been really popular since it was released in late 2009. I have the mini Eau de Toilette that came in a holiday scent 2 years ago, but they have it in the permanent range in a bigger size. Twilight Woods is a very cozy scent, its funny that Bath & Body Works describes it as being inspired by the "warmth of woods at twilight" because it does really have that woodsy out-by-the-fire smell to it. Its almost a bit masculine smelling and really lasts all day so I make sure to only put on a little bit at a time, but Twilight Woods is truly a great fall scent because it makes you want to cuddle up under a blanket by the fire.

Our exclusive Secret Wonderland is a whimsical blend of luscious strawberry, frosted jasmine petals and white amber inspired by a world you never dreamed existed

 Key Fragrance Notes: Luscious Strawberry, Gardenia Petals, Jasmine, White Amber

Top Notes: Luscious Strawberry, Wild Goji Berries, Ripe Raspberry

Mid Notes: Gardenia Petals, Jasmine, Peach Nectar

Dry Notes: Coconut Musk, Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood, White Amber

Secret Wonderland is almost a girly-er version of Twilight Woods. The berries in it make it less musky than Twilight Woods, but it still has a strong kick to it. Again like Twilight Woods its a very cozy scent, like you want to wrap yourself up in a sweater. Upon first smelling Secret Wonderland you kind of get hit with the strawberry and raspberry scents, but when on the skin it wears down to more of the vanilla with just a hint of berry. This has clearly been one of my all time favorite scents, I just find it perfect for the cold fall mornings. The best part? Secret Wonderland has fantastic staying power, I can get away with just the fragrance mist or just the lotion and I'll be able to smell it all day long.

So there you have it, my top 5 fall fragrances from Bath & Body Works!


  1. I've never tried any of these so this was lovely to read :) xo

  2. All of these look like they smell soo good!! Especially the Honey autumn apple! thanks for read :D

    1. If you get the chance to smell Honey Autumn Apple let me know :) xx


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