Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vitamin Schtick Chapstick

Last year for Christmas I was pleasantly surprised to find Vitamin Schtick Chapstick (in flavors Tropical Citrus, XXX, Fruit Punch, and Dragonfruit) in my stocking. I was so excited because I love the actual flavored waters, so I thought the chapsticks would be amazing. But I kind of have mixed reviews on them.

Pros: The packaging is really cute and whenever I pull it out of my pocket or wherever, people are always like "That's so cool! Where did you get it?" because they look practically identical to the drink bottles. The chapsticks themselves smell really,really good, exactly like the flavor vitamin water they represent. Unlike some other flavored chapsticks, they don't have a gross taste if you accidentally get a little in your mouth. And lastly, they include SPF, which I always look for to protect my lips.

Left to Right: Focus, Multi-V, Power-C, Revive, XXX; Photo by Buzznet

Cons: The chapstick material is like a weird gel substance? It takes effort to get a good amount on your lips, which I always like to have a thick layer, but you have to have a good 10 swipes on the upper and lower lip to get nice coverage. Another problem is that it doesn't last very long, so you'll be whipping it out repeatedly. And I don't know if this is because of the gel-ish stick itself, or because you need so much effort to put it on, but I've broken off the top end of my chapsticks quite frequently.

Because of all the problems I've had with the substance of the chapstick, when I saw the Vitamin Schtick roll-on lip gloss, I thought it would be perfect. But it still has it's fair share of problems. Again, it smells amazing, but if you get the liquid in your mouth, prepare for a vial taste. And it still doesn't last long, I find myself habitually pulling it out. Pretty much the only problem this roll-on solved was that it goes on easily.

So, I would not recommend this chapstick to those who like good quality ones.
But if you like your chapsticks to look nice and don't really care how they work, go ahead and get it.

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