Friday, October 22, 2010

Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara

Introducing: My all-time favorite mascara. And of course with my luck, it's now discontinued. I bought this such a long time ago, and actually hated it at first. I thought it was just way too heavy and made my lashes clump like there's no tomorrow, but now I really wish I had realized my love for this product sooner.

Pros: Makes your lashes really dramatic,so much length and volume. This mascara also has a very mild odor that you probably wouldn't even notice without directly smelling.

Cons: This mascara pretty much never comes off, even after two showers it still smudges under my eyes. I think that's because my Lash Stylist is waterproof, but I can't be sure because the label rubbed off. Obviously another huge con is  that you can't get this is stores anymore, you have to find it online, which isn't hard to do, just a pain to deal with shipping and waiting for it to arrive.

I would recommend this mascara to anyone looking for super dramatic lashes without the hassle of fake ones.

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  1. I just used that mascara 2 days ago and it's really good and work! Cause I'm Asian and basically doesn't have any lashes, but then my friend let me try it one. It's so good, and my lashes are more noticeable and pretty. But it take a while to take it off


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