Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dasani Moisturizing Flavored Lip Balm

I'm always a sucker for the displays of random new items in Stop & Shop, and one of them had this Dasani Moisturizing Flavored Lip Balm, in "Pure Water Flavor". Who wouldn't be curious what water flavor taste like? Plus, for some reason I'm always attracted to drink brand chapsticks. Even today one of my friends saw this in my bag and said "Why are your chapsticks always drinks?!" Guess it's just a weird fetish. Any who, here's my review.

Pros: The product is really moisturizing and creamy, it always makes my lips feel really silky plus lasts all day. It has a very slight fruity smell, but it's a very clean scent so I like it. It actually doesn't have a taste if you get some in your mouth, which is probably where they get the "water" flavor from. Slim packaging makes it easy to keep in my pocket without much bulk, and it has a keyhole on the top of the cap.

Cons: The lip balm stick itself is thinner than a regular chapstick, so it tends to break off easily. The twist up design is annoying as well, sometimes when I roll it up it gets stuck and won't go back down. There's no SPF or anything, and I try to avoid that in my chapsticks.

Overall, this is such a fun little chapstick, and people are always asking where I got it, so I would recommend picking one up.

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