Monday, October 25, 2010

Bath & Body Works Haul

Bath & Body Works has some really good sales right now, so I'd recommend checking out their website before all the deals are gone! I literally just opened my package, and it came with a 20% off In stores and online coupon with $3 shipping, and a bunch of little coupons (Free item of your choice with any purchase of $15 or more, $10 off any purchase of $30 or more, and save 20% on your entire purchase)! The little coupons come on cardboard material, like little cards that you can put in your wallet, but I'll probably give those to my mom so she can get me some stuff from there for Christmas ;)! So here's what I got:

-Fresh Market Apple Anti-Bacterial Gel Sanitizer
I thought the packaging on this is super cute, and it'd be perfect to keep on my vanity for when I do my makeup. This was only $5 (the 50% off sale) and already without unwrapping it from the package I can smell the fresh apples. Mmm, it seriously smells like the real thing, a perfect fall scent, plus no gross sanitizer smell. The tag on the bottle says "Not Tested on Animals" which I'm super careful about, so I'm really happy about that! And let me just say, this is a really great value for only $5. You get a ton of product, and I can always just refill this bottle when it runs out.

-Warm Vanilla Sugar Eau de Toilette
I have a mini Vanilla Sugar lotion in my bag that I absolutely love, so I was excited to see this discounted from $26 to $13, and I believe it still is along with some other fragrances. I'm so happy with this, just because I've never owned any legit, full sized perfumes. The bottle looks so pretty, and there's so much product it will last forever. I was worried it wouldn't smell exactly like the lotion, but I just sprayed it and I'm happy to say it does. I definitely recommend going to get one of these before they're all out!

-Travel Size Secret Wonderland Body Lotion
They had some deal on the website that you could get a travel size of their new fragrance for $1, so of course I did. These are the perfect size to keep in my school bag, and they really last such a long time. I currently have a Vanilla Sugar one in there (for probably a little over a year) and there's still a lot of product left (even with everyone always asking to barrow it >:( ) I was worried I wasn't going to like the smell, but I actually thing it's really nice, nothing like I've smelled before. It's a little musky, so I'd probably stick to wearing this at night. But you can't beat a $1 value!

-Travel Size Secret Wonderland Fragrance Mist
Just like the lotion, Bath and Body Works had a deal where you could get the travel spray of their new fragrance for $2. It's the perfect size to pop in your bag, and I get sick of smells really easily so I wouldn't buy the full size anyway. Smells exactly like the lotion, like I said it's more of a night time smell to me.

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