Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencils

Special Eyes Eye Liner Pencil produces a precise and well defined line for accentuating the eyes with an intense, fade resistant colour finish.

Available in 8 Shades:
  • Panama 111
  •  Rich Brown 114
  • Azure Shimmer 121
  • Ivy 130  
  • Navy Blue 135 
  • Burgundy 140
  • Black Magic 161 
  • Hurricane Grey 164

Pros: They're cheap.

Cons: The product is not the least bit creamy, and tugs at the skin around your eyes when you try to put it on. You have to really press hard for it to even come out a little bit, and once it does finally decides to, the color isn't even. Some parts are darker than others, and it just looks like a huge mess. I tried warming them up in my hands a little, and it's still blotchy. The colors look ugly in the packaging, and worse on your face.

From my experience, Rimmel should just stop trying to make a good eyeliner.

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