Monday, December 27, 2010

Bath & Body Works New Scents: Bali Mango, Hawaii Coconut, and Fiji Passionfruit

I received these new fragrances from Bath & Body Works for Christmas! I always love fruity smelling things, so I was super excited to try these new scents out. But I am a little confused as to why they released these in the dead of winter? Maybe it's because people are going on tropical vacations? Beats me.  Their last new fragrance, which was Secret Wonderland, was available in a $1 travel sized body lotion and a $2 travel body spray. But this time around these are only available in the travel body lotions. I recently checked out the website to see if these were still available for $1, but they are all sold out! So you may be able to get them in stores, but it seems like they were snatched up pretty quickly.

Bali Mango:
The little flower packaging on this bottle is so cute and tropical, it makes me wish there wasn't a snow storm going on outside my window! The tops on these new scents are also different than the regular ones, just a straight cylinder instead of the one that flares at the top. As for the actual smell, I'm a little disappointed. Bath & Body Works usually nails it in my opinion when making original scents, but I know I have smelled this Bali Mango in some other product before, I just can't remember what. The fragrance reminds me of Suave products, it's just that "cheap" sort of smell. It also resembles the Herbal Essences None Of Your Frizzness Smoothing Leave-In Creme, which I wasn't a fan of that scent in the first place. When you first take a big whiff, you can tell there's some mango, but there's also a hint of a strong perfume-y smell. I think you could probably find a ton of dupes of this fragrance, it's nothing original, not a must-have.

Hawaii Coconut:
Again I love the bottle, the blue sky and brightly colored leaves are a great cure for the snow blues! When I smelled this, my first thought was that it's just like the Twilight Woods body lotion, but a little sweeter. If you like Twilight Woods you'll most likely enjoy this scent, its like a less intense version. I'm not a huge fan of coconut, food wise, so I thought I wouldn't like the smell, but this is actually probably my favorite of the three, as I think it has the most distinct smell. I've never really taken a whiff of any coconut things because I think they make me sick, so I don't have much to compare this to, but In my opinion it's a really great fragrance because you won't immediately know what it is; it takes some thought to figure out!

Fiji Passionfruit:
Surprise surprise, I'm in love with this bottle too! This one reminds me of a tropical rainforest with the green leaves and red flowers. I still kind of have the same problem with this scent as I do with the Bali Mango because I could swear I've smelt it before. But, it's not as generic, a little bit of mystery is in there. I wish this was more fruity, when you first take a whiff it has that classic "lotion smell" that like I said before a lot of cheap brands such as Suave have in their lotions.

These body lotions were a great deal for only a $1 a piece, but the only one I think I would repurchase would be the Hawaii Coconut (and only if it was on sale). In my opinion, none of these are really must haves, so if you missed out on the deals, don't sweat it!


  1. Oh lala love all the descriptions! Hawaii Coconut must smells so nice! Miam!

  2. I love tropical stuff more in the winter because they remind me of summer. I'll have to check these out!

  3. @luckiebeauty Haha thank you! It does smell quite good, but if you already have the Twilight Woods body lotion, I wouldn't bother buying it!

    @Beauty Reductionista Same, I love being reminded that it won't always be 20 degrees out!

  4. i love the coconut smell!!!

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  5. @Rinz Me too! I'll be sure to follow your blog!


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