Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I just want to take some time and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I had a great day with my family and I hope you all did too! Tomorrow I'll put up a post about what I got for Christmas, and I look forward to reading everyone else's posts on their Xmas gifts.

Sorry for the lack of blogging, it's been a VERY hectic month, and it's not over yet. So I will try and get as many posts as possible up in the next few days because that's probably all the time I'll have to blog until the semester change on January 31. Fingers crossed that I'll be walking into a much more relaxed semester, this one definitely had me in tears at times, which is no surprise since I've heard Junior year is the hardest. But keeping all my grades above a 90 will be worth it if it gets me into a great school in two years!


  1. Cool post! I cant wait to see your upcoming post about what you got! Should I do that? haha. I got a bounch of new makeup because I got tons of random giftcards to target :)

  2. @MakeupSparkle Thanks! Yes, you should definitely do that! I love reading what everyone else got for Christmas!


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