Monday, September 17, 2012

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows: Weekly Round-Up 9/17/12

Hi everyone! So me and a couple other bloggers have started this new series called "Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows" which is going to be a weekly round up of links from our blogs! We're mainly focusing on beauty bloggers that are from all over the world so our readers get to experience new products, and its not all about eyeshadows as our name would suggest! We will be posting every Monday and are looking for some new bloggers to add to our littler group, so if you're interested shoot me a little email :) I hope you guys enjoy!

Question of the Week:

What's your favorite beauty item exclusive to your location?

Emily's answer: Wet n Wild! I remember buying all their products when I was in the 6th grade (they were quite crap back then) so they're kind of a nostalgic brand for me. When I first picked up a product from them a few years later I wasn't expecting much, more of a cheap thrill. But Wet n Wild has knocked other drugstore (and even high-end) eyeshadows out of the park! They are my second favorite brand for shadows next to Urban Decay, the pigmentation and texture is amazing, you won't even understand unless you have one of these little miracles! I also fancy their blushes quite a bit, they are SO pigmented and smooth. Just wish they came in more than 4 colors! Its a shame Wet n Wild isn't offered in other countries because I know people would instantly fall in love with their products!

This Week's Links:

Beauty & Baggage- is (unfortunately for your wallets) admitting that the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush is worth the money.

Fashionable Heart- is professing her love for chiffon with her latest clothing haul!

Massachusetts Mask- is transitioning from Summer to Fall with the help of Revlon's Posh Nail Polish; its just bright enough to keep the Summer fun while the days get colder and colder!

Norwegian Elephant- because sometimes good need not be expensive ;) 

What is your favorite beauty item exclusive to your location?


  1. Would love to get involved with this. I am in NYC. My email is Let me know what I did to do to get involved.

    1. As mentioned in the post, shoot me an email for information!


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