Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Forever 21 Fall Jewelry Haul

Labor Day weekend Forever 21 was having free shipping on all orders, so of course I jumped at the chance to order some stuff! 

I find shopping in an actual Forever 21 store SO overwhelming and they almost never have what I came in for (I pre-shop on the website) so its pretty much always easier for me to order online.

Earrings are my favorite type of jewelry, I feel naked without them and the bigger the better! Over the years I've bought earrings from every store there is like H&M, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Old Navy, and so on but none of them quite compare to the price and quality of Forever 21 earrings.

Of course its not like you're getting sterling silver or gold platted items, but I've never had a pair of earrings from here break on me or turn a different color (other than the part that actually goes in my ear)!

Everything is priced so reasonably that every season I always place an order to update my earring collection. This year I kind of fell into the trend of geometric shapes! Almost every pair I got is very visually interesting to look at and geometric items are popping up everywhere lately.

I would leave links to all the pairs of earrings I got but Forever 21 updates their site so often that some of the pairs are already gone. But I highly suggest you go check out the jewelry section because they have ones that are very similar and lots of other trendy pieces!

Also I apologize in advanced for the over-load of pictures, I just thought everything looked so stunning photographed that I had a tough time narrowing it down!

Prices (order in photos):









  1. i think the online store is easier to navigate than their actual store! i remember walking into the store in NYC (the one thats like 3 levels high) and im like oh god where do i start?! haha
    gorgeous earrings by the way! i love earrings too but tend to just stick with studs most of the time!

    1. I couldn't even imagine going to a multi level store! They really need to organize their stuff by rooms, like cardigans in one, tanks in another, jeans, t-shirts, and so one. Would be SO much easier!



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