Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pretty & Charming

I love looking around Etsy to try and see what cute little pieces of jewelry I can find to add to my collection.

Recently, I've been on the hunt for dainty bow rings. I came across Ivy's shop Pretty & Charming where she makes wire rings. These little rings were so reasonably priced at $5.00 I had to order and I'm not disappointed!

The lovely Ivy customized the rings to be an 8 1/2 for me (I have such chubby fingers...) and I've been so in love with these, I've worn them every day since they arrived! I wanted to get gold and silver so I could wear one with any outfit and the rings are really good quality, they haven't bent out of shape, tarnished, or turned my finger green.

Everything came so beautifully packaged with cute tissue paper and a little glittered thank you note (which I forgot to photograph). The little details really do matter!

These are exactly what I wanted, so if you're looking for very dainty wire jewelry take a look at Pretty & Charming.


  1. These are very cute! I kind of want them :)
    S xx

    1. Hehe you should definitely get one, not to be an enabler and all ;) xx

  2. I have a toe ring exactly like that, I can't remember who the seller was (on Etsy)...but I paid double that (boo!) Those are super cute though!


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