Friday, September 28, 2012

Reviva Labs Makeup Primer: Review, Photos, & Swatches

If you're satisfied with how you look in makeup, wait till you see how good you look with Revivas amazing MAKEUP PRIMER under your makeup. Your skin will feel unbelievably smooth, like a baby's. And your look...almost flawless. Lines filled in, pores concealed, excess oil controlled. Once you try it, you won't want to be without it. It's another Reviva discovery to help you look your best! Under makeup or alone the visible, touchable results are beautiful! Over moisturizer or directly on clean skin, apply just a drop on forehead, each cheek and above jaw line. Massage in lightly over entire face. Allow product to absorb. Then apply makeup. You'll love the smooth, velvety feel and look. Men, of course, can use it directly on skin. Perfects skin by refining the texture. Fills in lines, conceals pores, and controls excess oil. Helps skin instantly look and feel smooth and silky. Helps makeup foundation last longer (safe under eye shadow, too). And COQ10 adds protective antioxidant action. Our Makeup Primer is good for any skin type, even oily. You get the oil control you want, along with soft, supple skin. Completely fragrance-free and non-comedogenic (which means it won't cause clogged pores and breakouts). 


Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), olive oil, coenzyme Q10, squalane.

Where to Buy:, $19.50 

 The Reviva Labs Makeup Primer ($19.50 for 1 fl.oz.) is supposed to create a flawless base to either put makeup on top of or wear alone. Now I actually got sent this primer from Reviva Labs in August of last year and I've been using it ever since, comparing to other primers along the way!

When you first apply the Reviva Labs Primer, its a bit heavy and feels like its moisturizing your face (but I wouldn't use this in place of a moisturizer because even though I have oily skin its just not moisturizing enough). Its a thick gel consistency that really has no smell to it when put on the face. I usually let this sit on my skin for about 5 minutes before I actually top it with foundation, and by then the primer really settles into your skin. I instantly notice that my pores are filled in (being acne prone and having oily skin means I have big ones!) and any dry spots which I tend to get around the corners of my mouth, nose, and eyes and are instantly smoothed over so my foundation goes on like a dream!

It won't make your face matte, it leaves a slightly satin look so even though Reviva Labs says you can wear this on its own you'll look a bit shiny and it will get worse the longer you wear it! You really won't see any of the benefits from this primer if you wear it on its own. That's pretty much the only point to primer, to layer it underneath something for longevity.

When I wear the Reviva Labs Makeup Primer as opposed to wearing my regular foundation with nothing underneath, I find it only gives me another hour before I start getting shiny. Not a huge difference, but what I really like is how this primer helps my makeup last. When I go to take my makeup off at the end of a day where I've worn the Reviva Labs Primer, I can see on my makeup wipes that I'm taking off a lot of foundation, blush, bronzer that I had been when I don't wear this primer. Its not phenomenal at oil control, but it does keep your makeup stuck to your face!

Reviva Labs claims you can use this on your eyes as well as your face, I tested it one day under a regular powder eyeshadow on one eye and Urban Decay Primer Potion on the other eye. It creased within the hour and did nothing to help intensify my eyeshadow like the UDPP did.

The Reviva Labs Makeup Primer comes packaged in a glass bottle with a pump. Usually I'm put off by makeup that has any sort of glass incorporated in the packaging just because it makes me really nervous that if it slips out of my hand it'll shatter all over the floor! Cleaning up makeup mixed with glass is so not something I want to do ever, but luckily enough this primer is in a really thick glass bottle that has survived a couple mishaps on my wood floor (granted I don't think anything would survive being dropped on tile)! Because its such thick glass it is really heavy so I don't particularly like traveling with the Reviva Labs Primer  The pump is handy because unlike a squeeze-y type product you'll know you can get every last bit of primer out of the jar, but sadly it doesn't allow you to suck product back into the bottle if you take too much. This pump is a little annoying because you have to press really hard to get the primer to start coming out and almost always end up pumping more than you actually need! The label on the jar is quite unattractive and I hate how it pretty much covers the entire jar, you have to really struggle to see how much product you have left. I really do love how Reviva Labs includes an expiration date on the bottom of the product, many people struggle (including me!) with knowing when makeup has really passed its prime date of usage, but with this you'll never have to wonder exactly how long its been sitting in your collection!

When I tried the Reviva Labs Primer for the first time I instantly thought it wasn't going to work for me because my skin is so oily that I usually steer clear of anything that contains oil (this one has olive oil) but I've been so pleasantly surprised over the past year! I've tried numerous other primers that have made me break out (I'm looking at you MAC Matte Cream...), made my face oilier, or showed no difference in the wear of my makeup at all. Because of that, the Reviva Labs Primer is the one I always seem to come back to! So I guess the big question is: would I repurchase? I'm going to probably say no because of 1. the price is pretty steep at $19.50 even though you can find it for almost 1/2 off if you search online and 2. I think I can find a primer that does everything the Reviva Labs Makeup Primer does and helps keep me matte all day!

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