Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That Haul

Okay so about a week ago I went to the mall with a strict list of things I needed to get and came home with bags full of stuff that just happened to catch my attention while out and about...story of my life!

I just stopped by Bath & Body Works to grab some things I was running out of and then hit up the drugstore to look for the new Maybelline collection with the color tattoos (which if you saw my post a while ago I did eventually find it!) but instead ended up getting all of this!

Bath & Body Works:

Love Love Love Eau de Toilette

Love Love Love Mini Body Lotion
$5.00 (3 for $10.00)

Love Love Love Mini Fragrance Mist
$5.00 (3 for $10.00) 

Warm Vanilla Sugar Mini Fragrance Mist
$5.00 (3 for $10.00) 

Country Chic Mini Fragrance Mist
$5.00 (free with coupon) 

True Blue Spa Fizzy Foaming Face Mask with Green Tea


  1. I love the smell of Country Chic! I miss hoarding stuff at BBW! I wish we have that store here! xx

  2. Argh why don't we get BBW or Sinful Colors here? SO JEALOUS ;)
    S xx


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