Thursday, July 12, 2012

NOTD: Party of Five Glitters

Wet n Wild Fastdry Nail Color- Party of Five Glitters

Seche Vite- Dry Fast Top Coat

My birthday is next Tuesday (the big one eight!) so I thought I'd do a little festive manicure to celebrate!

This is actually one of my favorite polishes of all time, I keep holding my nails up in the light to watch them sparkle! I ended up using 3 coats, which was more of a dabbing application so I could get a nice coat of glitter. Its not chunky at all, my nails don't feel gritty (but they are a bit wavy around the big silver glitter pieces) with the help of the thick Seche Vite top coat.

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  1. I love that polish! have you heard of the jelly sandwich manicure? its layered like so: sheer polish/glitter/sheer polish. it makes the polish much more toned down- i liked it! I used party of 5 glitters for my jelly mani if you wanna check it out im at


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