Saturday, July 28, 2012

R.I.P. Beloved MAC Blot Powder

The saddest of all events has occurred in my makeup bag, the smashing of a powder, and not just any powder mind you, my beloved MAC Blot Powder in Medium :(!

I was on a trip in Maine getting ready in the bathroom when I swear it happened in slow motion, my MAC powder just slipped out of the security of my little makeup bag and smashed in the sink. Granted the MAC Blot Powder is extremely finely milled and soft, so once you hit pan really any slight bump of the compact can destroy the holy grail contents that lie inside it.

After I took these pictures things actually got much worse! Any time I would try to work my brush into the Blot Powder more chunks of the unbroken bits would start to break off. Eventually I just crushed all the pieces down so it acted more like a loose powder (which didn't go over very well, every time I opened the compact my vanity would turn into a powder-y abyss)!

I've since completely finished this MAC Blot Powder and bought another one (mostly for prom, I refused to deal with the mess the "loose" Blot Powder causes on that day, I knew it was going to be hectic enough as it is)! This is a product that I just refuse to live without. All of you oily skinned girls that think there is no hope for your face makeup throughout the day, run down to your MAC counter and pick this up. I totally intend on doing a full review to explain the holy grail aspect of this oil controlling powder because it has been such a savior for me!

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