Monday, July 23, 2012

e.l.f. Mascara & Shadow Shield: Review & Photos

Apply eye makeup flawlessly with this innovative and mistake-proof Mascara & Shadow Shield. The silicon flexible and convenient design works to shield your skin against mascara smears and eyeshadow fallout. The reusable and reversible design works on both eyes, under eye or over eye, for easy makeup application. The ideal tool for achieving gorgeous eye looks without smudges and fallout! Great for makeup artists or aspiring makeup artists.


Prior to eyeshadow and bottom lash mascara application, place the shield comfortably and snugly below the bottom lash line and apply makeup, using the shield to guard you against any makeup smears or mistakes. Place above the eye when applying mascara to shield against smudges on the top lashes. Clean and flip the shield to repeat on the other eye.

Care Instructions: Cleanse regularly with the Studio Brush Shampoo and lay flat to dry.

Where to Buy:, $3.00

One of e.l.f.'s newest brushes is something relatively new in the cosmetic world! Its actually a flexible rubber-y material shaped like a crescent designed to fit both under the eye and on the upper lash line to help prevent the ever so dreaded mascara smudged and eyeshadow fallout.

I was a little suprised when the Mascara & Shadow Shield first arrived, I wasn't expecting it to actually be made out of such a moveable material. I didn't read the description on the e.l.f. website before buying (mostly because I knew I wanted it no matter what) and from the website's pictures, it looks just like a stiff white card attached to a brush handle.

But its flexibility is what actually makes this such a great product. Because it moves so easily, you can position the crescent shape right up under your lower lash line and then bend the shield so its sitting horizontal against your face, virtually collecting every trace of fallout! I always get so irritated I can't use shades like Sidecar from Urban Decay because they have so much glitter that ends up all over my face, but the Mascara & Shadow shield catch all of it.

I thought the actual shape of the silicon shield was odd at first, it has the big crescent spot that you put up against either your upper or lower lash line, and then a little crescent shape on the end. But when you start to use the Mascara & Shadow Shield, you realize that tiny crescent spot is actually very important to this brush's design! When the shield is up under your lower lash line or on your upper lash line, that little crescent spot curves perfectly around your brow bone, giving more coverage from fallout and smears.

There's only a couple slight issues that I've found with the e.l.f. Mascara & Shadow Shield. First off, the silicon shield is a little bit sticky and I've noticed when it sits in my brush holder its a dust magnet (if you drop it on the floor forget about it, it will be gunk city)! When you switch from one eye to the other, you need to turn the shield upside down to fit correctly under your other eye, which results in some of the fallout that you previously caught falling onto your face. Since the silicone shield is slightly sticky it does a good job of holding onto most of the fallout, but some of it does end up back on your face when you switch eyes. Trying to clean the Mascara & Shadow Shield is also pretty difficult. Just running it under some water isn't going to cut it, you really need to do the same thing you would when cleaning any other brush and use a cleanser. Baby shampoo is great, it gets the shadow, glitter, and mascara off the slightly sticky shield with ease. I've also found that if you're in a pinch and need to clean the Mascara & Shadow Shield quickly, a makeup wipe will do the trick.

Overall, this is such a fantastic idea and I'm surprised there's not more brushes from other companies like this! Not only does the e.l.f. Mascara & Shadow Shield do exactly what it claims, but its very well made and you can tell e.l.f. put a lot of thought into making this brush with its intricate crescent designs that fit perfectly against your lash line/brown bone for full coverage against any makeup mishaps. I would however recommend getting two of the Mascara & Shadow Shields, one for each eye to avoid the issues when you have to switch eyes I discussed above, and at $3.00 a piece you can't really complain!


  1. Interesting product! I haven't come across anything like this before but trust ELF to bring it out for really cheap too. :) It sounds like a great product but I'd think I'd be too lazy to use it :P xx

    1. You know that's what I thought at first too, but I actually find myself reaching for this anytime I do glitters, as it does save you time wiping up fallout in the end!


  2. really nice :) im glad elf thought of this, i only see japanese companies do this kind of things

  3. I do not like a hand-held idea. I saw another tool on the internet a butterfly eyelash guard that is hand-free-use and with no adhesives. Does someone know where to buy that eyelash guard?


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