Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rocket City Bang All Over Color Creams

I have been meaning to do a review on these since the day I got them back in October! They were in this All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul and then just kind of got shoved to the back of my makeup drawer. The little silver box these come in doesn't give you much direction in how to use these, it just says:

"USAGE: Apple only to lips, cheeks and eyes (WARNING: Care to be taken when applying around the eye area.)"

 I can see why there would be a warning about using these around your eyes since there are some pretty questionable ingredients in these (Octyl Palmitate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cera Alba, Talc, Ozokerite, Candelilla Cera, Silica, Methylparaben, Propylparaben). 50 points to anyone who knows how to pronounce those words! 

Top: Cosmic Cruisin Middle: Moon Groovin Bottom: Solar Slammin
Unless you're in really bright lighting (I held my hand under a lamp), you really won't notice a difference in these colors. Cosmic Cruisin is more gold with the most potential to be used as a highlighter, Moon Groovin is more pink-y with the most potential to be used as a blush, and Solar Slammin is more brown/coppery with the most potential to be used as an eyeshadow.
Pros: These pictures don't really do the Rocket City Bang All Over Color Creams justice, but you can still tell these are absolutely gorgeous. Wherever you decide to put these, they're super blendable. I like that all these colors have space-y names :).

Cons: The packaging is really juvenile in my opinion, something that a 12 year old would like. When I wore these as eyeshadows, my eyes were super irritated after about an hour. I don't get why these are called "creams", they're actually really powder-y. There's also a pretty bad odor if you get close enough to the product/when it's blended out on your face.You have to be careful when putting it on the eyelid because there tends to be a lot of fallout. Rocket City Bang All Over Color Creams aren't really recommended for use around the eyes, but I can't think of anywhere else I would put it! There's way too much shimmer to be a blush, and if used as a highlighter, it would just look like a random streak of glitter on your face. All three of these colors are really similar when blended out, you don't need to get all of the Rocket City Bang All Over Color Creams. When I heard "all over color", I thought these would be the size of the MAC cream color bases, but they are quite small for a product with multiple uses.

These are stunning in the containers, and I think that's where they should stay! Rocket City Bang All Over Color Creams are great to add to your makeup collection, but not so great for your face.
If you want to pick yourself us some of the Rocket City Bang All Over Color Creams, two of them are still being sold in the Rocket City section at All Cosmetics Wholesale!


  1. Thank you for coming to my me a chance to come and meet yours!I really love this ring with the tiny mouse...amazing...
    Have a great month!

  2. i have one of these, moon groovin, and i did a blog post once asking people where on earth i can use it, cos i agree... its way too metallic for a highlighter/blush! i guess it would be cool if you were doing stage makeup or something for a dress up costume or whatever...but as you said, i think they look prettiest in their packaging. (and theyre a waste of money :P )

  3. @M. Awh thank you!

    @Krissy Well I only paid $1.99 a piece for these, so I didn't really waste much! But I do enjoy looking at them every once an a while :)

  4. awww :( i wish they were better! They are really pretty, and I wish they could work on eyes. I have super sensitive eyes so if it irritates yours it will definitely irritate mine :( Great post though, check out my giveaway and enter!

  5. So cute! That is suck a great product!! Nice post and blog...following :)

  6. wow those colors are awesome, but too bad they're powdery, i hate that :/ at least they're fun to look at? haha

  7. Great post! Thank you so much for this infromation ;))

  8. Thank you for sharing this information. It will help me on my shoots.
    I'm following you, follow me back if you like my blog!

    Keep in touch,
    Jacob from Fashion Ranger

  9. It looks a little like candy. Yum.

  10. @MakeupSparkle Yeah I wish they were a bit more useful, but hey, they're nice to look at!

    @Vanessa Awh thanks! :)

    @coy colleen Mmm, they would probably blend a whole lot better/be more versatile if they were creamy!

    @LucieL Your welcome!

    @Fashion Ranger I'll be sure to check out your blog!

    @Avy Haha I never thought of that!

  11. *You're welcome!

    thumbs up for spelling mistakes!

  12. I use mine everyday! And even to work! I wear it as regular blush over my BB cream foundation and I set it with setting powder. It lasts all day long if you set it. In my opinion the texture is like a cross between powder and cream. I love the metallic bits. I wish it had more gold! If you blend it in well it doesn't look too wild, and it looks lovely on fair skin. Remember, a little goes a long way! :)
    I loved reading your post, btw, and you definitely managed to take better close up photos of these than me! ;)


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