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Trend: Clogs

People October 2010
Clogs have been a hot topic since winter 2010. But if you live somewhere (like Massachusetts!) where it gets icy and snow just piles up and up, big clogs aren't really practical for getting around without any broken bones! Now that the ice and snow is beginning to melt as it gets closer to Spring time, you can go get yourself a pair of these without worrying about bodily injury. These come in 100's of different styles, and you can be sure that there is one that will easily merge into your existing wardrobe!

Celebrities Sporting This Trend:

Rachel Bilson
Mary-Kate Olsen
Shenae Grimes
 How To Wear It: 

Everyday Casual: When you're wearing clogs on a laid-back day, its not so much what you pair them with that makes the outfit look casual, its the style of the clogs. You don't want to pick ones with extravagant details, simple is better, and then they can be worn with jeans, shorts, rompers, dresses, skirts, trousers, anything! So my picks to keep it casual with clogs begin with a lilac colored lace (keeping up with another trend!) tunic from Forever21 and white cuffed shorts from Urban Outfitters.

Then finish this outfit with a pair of nude sling back clogs from Forever21. For jewelry, an assorted set of bangles also from Forever21 and a long silver ModCloth ring top everything off!
For hair and makeup, some Vanessa Hudgens waves and soft pink colors keep you very natural/laid-back!

Vanessa Hudgens
Business Affairs: Many people never consider clogs when they're getting dressed to go to the office or an interview. Why? I'll never know, since I think they look super put-together with the right details! My picks for all your business affairs start with a peach ruffle top and navy criss-cross bottom dress from ModCloth and moss green clogs that have as thinner heel and buckle detail from DSW.

 These clogs are super appropriate for working environments because of their buckle detail, which just adds a bit of polish to the shoe! Some gold/brass round studs from a Charlotte Russe earring set and a Forever21 handbag for your papers are all the accessories you need.

Shades of soft brown makeup keep this look appropriate, along with a bouncy Lauren Conrad ponytail! 

Lauren Conrad

 Formal Event: There are many misconceptions that clogs can't be elegant because they are "clunky". But if you stick to short dresses and clogs with a thinner heel, you can create a very chic look! My picks for doing so include a taupe one shoulder dress from ModCloth and red clogs from DSW to add a splash of color.

The neutral taupe and brown shades work well together, and then the punch of red takes the drab out of the outfit that ordinary wood-toned clogs would give it. For accessories, keep it simple but add another pop of color with a jewel-toned yellow ring from Charlotte Russe and a basic black Nordstrom clutch to keep everything together.

Add some browns and blacks to your eyes for makeup while keeping your lips a pinky-nude color, and put your hair into a low, sleek ponytail just like Megan Fox!

Megan Fox

Find Your Style:

MOJO MOXY Monet Clog $79.95 at DSW

Ruffle Front Heel Clog $32.50 at Charlotte Russe

N.Y.L.A. 'Rhedyn' Clog $99.95 at Nordstrom

KORS Michael Kors "Harbor" Slingback Clogs $250.00 at Bloomingdale's

Quit Loafer'n Around Heel $99.00 at ModCloth

Marie Claire April 2010


  1. My mom loves clogs! She has like every style. I used to make fun of her for wearing them, but she is really in fashion!

  2. @MakeupSparkle Haha my mom loves clogs too! She's been wearing them for years, I think this is the first time she actually has something in-style!

  3. I'm loving that one shoulder dress!

  4. @MakeupSparkle :)

    @Emily D Same! I love how flow-y it is, and the neutral silver color would go with everything!


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