Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OPI Femme De Cirque Spring 2011 Collection

 "This dreamy collection was inspired by the ethereal beauty and timeless elegance of the ring mistress -whether she be real or a figment of your imagination," says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.

 Feminine, sweet and always in-fashion, the colors of Femme De Cirque include three shades of soft-pink and one twinkling sheer glitter. "Each pale-pink shade brings and element of soft sophistication to everything you wear," says Suzi, "And the sheer glittery shade? Now that's just fun."

U.S./Canada Launch Date: April 2011
International Launch Date: April 2011

 $8.50 a piece

I Juggle...Men; So Many Clowns, So Little Time; In The Spot-Light Pink; Step Right Up!

  • I Juggle...Men "Drop everything for this iridescent shimmer coat!"
  • So Many Clowns, So Little Time "Make 'em jump through hoops with this glittery sheen."
  • In The Spot-Light Pink "Take center stage with this pretty pop of pink!"
  • Step Right Up! "And see the most amazing light pink right before your very eyes!"
Swatches from The Beauty Bite
Left to Right: I Juggle...Men, So Many Clowns, So Little Time, In The Spot-Light Pink, Step Right Up; Swatches from The Beauty Bite

What shades will you be picking up from this new collection?


  1. Such gorgeous pastels! I'm most drawn to the pink. :)


  2. My mom would love these! She loves pale pinks and lilacs... I guess I'll need to buy them for her!

  3. @Wendy Same, I love pastel pinks for Spring!

    @MakeupSparkle How sweet of you to do that for your mom :)


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