Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trend: Animal Jewelry

Now when I say "Animal Jewelry", I don't mean animal print (which has been way over done!). I'm talking wearing an actual tiger around your neck, or a rabbit on your finger! I've noticed SO many stores putting out adorable and quirky jewelry with every kind of animal on them that you can imagine. The trend can be seen on celebrities and even on people just out and about if you look hard enough! I can remember that animal jewelry was big in late 2009, and it's now making an appearance again. I love this trend so much because it's incredibly versatile; it doesn't matter if your style is edgy, girly, boho, etc. you can get pieces that will effortlessly work with your existing wardrobe. This trend will be hot in Spring/Summer, and it seems to just keep coming back, so you'll never be out of style!
How To Wear It:

Everyday Casual: When picking a piece of animal jewelry for an everyday look, I would keep it very whimsical and do something unexpected! To do so, find yourself a small animal, such as this mouse ring from Etsy, and dress in something simple (no patterns! It looks too busy unless you do something really tribal) playful colors like this white trimmed yellow tank from Forever21

Finish this off with classic dark wash skinny jeans from Forever21, classic short grey Uggs if it's cold like Massachusetts (might want to put a jacket on too!) or some black suede Forever21 gladiators if you are lucky enough to be somewhere warm!

Top this look off with a messy Blake Lively ponytail and natural looking makeup with a glossy pink lip!

Blake Lively
Business Affairs: You don't want to walk into an interview for a job, or even your regular job wearing anything too attention grabbing because it can be disrespectful to the workplace. But there are still job-appropriate ways to incorporate the animal jewelry trend! Birds are the classic way to do this and it's insured to work year round, but instead of wearing the already-been-done100 times necklace because it's in your comfort zone, branch out and do an owl necklace.Start off with a vintage owl watch necklace from Forever21 so you can be on time for work!

Layer this over a lace top from ModCloth and tuck that into a simple red skirt that is also from Forever21.

 Since this skirt is a bit short, add some sheer Urban Outfitters tights to make this a little more appropriate (and if you need more coverage on top, just add any white cardigan).
To make sure the outfit doesn't feel too vintage (unless you like it that way!), I would top this off with a modern patterned nude shoe from Forever21, some neutral brown/light pink makeup, and big loose curls like Kourtney Kardashian!
Kourtney Kardashian
Formal Event: Again, with animal jewelry you want to keep it nice and simple, no wacky prints on top of a goat ring! So for a formal event, I would keep the focus around your face and chose a pair of dangley earrings with some sort of animal on it. ModCloth has the most perfect pair that won't make your wallet cringe since you want to spend the majority of your money on a good dress.
These brassy-gold earrings will look super elegant when you pair it with any solid colored gown, but my pick is this teal, one strap dress which is also from ModCloth.

Top this outfit off with some strappy heels in a neutral color of your choice (black in this case, from Forever21) and brown-toned makeup with a pinky-nude lip so your face has a bit of color. Put your hair up in an elegant Natalie Portman bun and show case your trendy earrings!
Natalie Portman

More Animals:

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$7.80 at

$10.00 at
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$24.99 at
$16.99 at
$29.00 at

$105.99 at
$3.80 at
$60.00 at
Good Luck With This Wild Trend!


  1. I love that dish necklace from Forever 21!

  2. @Chic Geek It's one of my favorites too :)

  3. I really like the owl watch necklace!

  4. @Chloe Mia Me too! It's so vintage, it would go with anything!

  5. I love animal jewelry! I have a few necklaces of different ones. It's just a fun way to add personality to an outfit, I think. :)


  6. @Wendy Lucky! I have to go get myself some!

  7. omg I freaking love that ring in the first picture! So cute!

  8. @Emily D Haha I know! I knew I had to include it when I first saw it!


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