Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pretty & Practical Storage: Mascara, Eyeliner, and Other Eye Products

My last post about Pretty & Practical Storage was all about lipsticks, and today's tip is going to help you deal with all those random pencil type products that seem to clutter up your vanity and can roll away if you're not careful!

I know I have things like mascara, brow gel, eyebrow pencils, eyelash curlers, etc. that don't quite have their own place in my makeup collection and are a bit of a hassle to keep somewhere since I need them so often.

One really easy solution to this is finding some sort of glass (or plastic works too) type jar that is big enough to fit all your lose products!

 Even if you hate the "cluttered" look that a clear type vase like this can give off once it starts filling up you can get an opaque one in a fun color that will hide the random assortment of stuff you have going on inside.

I got this jar inparticular from a thrift store for only $1.50! It's not hard to find them at second hand stores or I've even seen glass containers at CVS for under $5.00!

So this is my little way of trying to keep up with all the little miscellaneous everyday products that seem to pile up but have no where to go! How do you guys keep essentials like this organized and looking pretty?

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