Monday, February 25, 2013

Raspberry Obsession!

 It's no surprise that I'm slightly (okay, heavily) addicted to Bath & Body Works!

Recently their True Blue Spa line came out with a new Raspberry collection that consist of three different products: Raspberry Yogurt Shower Smoothie, Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel, and Raspberry Margarita Body Scrub.

I went a little crazy when I smelled it and ended up purchasing everything (plus a little more as you can tell)! The scent is so sugary, it almost reminds me of fruity pebbles with that raspberry tang to it. It also has really good lasting power to it when you layer all the products, usually with the True Blue Spa items I find myself having to reapply all day in order to keep the scent but this one has given me no problems!


Our creamy yogurt-enriched shower gel is a skin nourishing body cocktail that cleanses and replenishes skin with Vitamin E and nutrient-rich raspberries.
  • Raspberry Extract and antioxidant Vitamin E provide nourishment to skin
  • Rich & creamy formula provides abundant lather
  • Juicy & effervescent raspberry fragrance smells just like an exotic raspberry cocktail
  • Not tested on animals
 Okay let's just start off by pointing out that you can't help but drool when you hear "Raspberry Yogurt Shower Smoothie"! This shower gel actually contains yogurt in it so it has a little bit of a milkier scent than the rest of the True Blue Raspberry line, still delicious though! The Shower Smoothie foams up really nicely in the shower but it's still thick enough so you can use it while shaving. It leaves a slight scent to your skin that doesn't last more than an hour unless you follow up with the lotion. I will also say I really like the taller and slimmer packaging here because it makes it easier to grip while you're in the shower!


Start your happy hour early with beautiful skin! Introducing our ultra-pampering, moisturizing cleanser for a skin-replenishing kiss of Vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Exotic Jojoba Oil adds moisture to skin as it pampers
  • Lightweight, creamy gel formula absorbs easily and refreshes tired, dry skin
  • Juicy & effervescent raspberry fragrance smells just like an exotic raspberry cocktail
  • Not tested on animals
 This is quite a unique product, it's a moisturizer in a gel formula. I've tried ones on my face before, but never on my body! It almost has a cooling effect to it when you apply to your skin. I love that it sinks in almost instantly, makes it easy to avoid that "slimy" feeling some lotions can give you. The scent lingers on my skin for at least a day when I put this on, I love that I can still smell the raspberry for a long time because it's that good! Right now the Cream Gel is a little too light on my skin, I need that extra moisture when it's cold outside, but I know I'm going to love breaking this out in the summer!


Celebrate happy hour as you scrub your way to soft skin! Sugar exfoliates white antioxidants, Vitamin C, raspberry extract and moisturizing oils take you away on a tropical getaway!
  • Sugar exfoliates to sweeten your spa experience while antioxidant Vitamin C, raspberry extract and an exotic blend of moisturizing oils provide pampering nourishment
  • Intensely exfoliating formula reveals instantly smoother skin
  • Juicy & effervescent raspberry fragrance smells just like an exotic raspberry cocktail
  • Not tested on animals
I haven't met a sugar scrub that I haven't liked and this one is no exception! When you use this scrub the sugar doesn't dissolve too quickly allowing you to really work it in and exfoliate your skin. I do find the lid of the tub to be a bit hard to get off when you're in the shower and your hands are wet, but what screw off product isn't going to have that problem!

Overall I'm really impressed with all the products from the True Blue Raspberry line, I really hope they end up making it permanent and add some other products to it (a lotion with a pump would be nice)!

You may think the price is a bit steep at $15.00 each, but Bath & Body Works always has their True Blue Spa Line Buy 2 Get 1 Free, so then you'll be spending $30 but you can also use a survey coupon ($10 off a $30 purchase) to make your total only $20, and trust me you won't regret it!

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  1. ah! I so want to try all of these! I somehow missed hearing about these. SO excited to them :D


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