Friday, August 31, 2012

My Eyebrow Routine

I've been wearing makeup since I was about 12, and until recently I've never quite realized how important eyebrows are! They're the finishing touch, they just frame your face and make it look "complete" even if you're wearing very minimal makeup.

Around the time of my prom in May I started looking for the best way to fill in my brows to make them perfect. I've been blessed with fairly good brows, they're not overly thick and don't require much maintenance, but of course they're a little uneven so I like to fix that. I have such dark hair that doesn't have any red in it and oily skin, so finding something to fill in my brows that's ashy in color and long lasting has been a bit of a challenge!

Without further delay, these are the products I'm using on my brows at the moment!


For those days I really want my brows to be defined I always grab a powder to fill them in. I had never tried doing that before, but I found an old COVERGIRL Eye Enhancer in Brown Smolder sitting in the back of my collection and decided to give it a go. I'm actually surprised by how much I enjoy using this! I thought it would be way too dark and look shimmery (in the pan, the shadow looks like it has a hint of shimmer, but it doesn't translate) but with a light hand and the right brush it looks great.


I used to use the Sigma E65 angled brush, but I found it was a little too dense and deposited too much powder. So I switched to the e.l.f. Studio Small Angled Brush which is perfect because the hairs aren't as tightly packed as the Sigma one but its still precise enough. At $3.00 a brush, you have no excuse to not try this!


 For those days I'm in a rush and need to get my brows done in a couple seconds, I always reach for my Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown. I really loved this pencil when I first got it, but there are some serious packaging issues! The actual pencil itself is a plastic material so you wouldn't think to sharpen it. But no don't let that fool you, a sharpener is needed! Which is the dumbest decision ever, seriously whoever came up with a plastic brow pencil that needs to be sharpened should be fired. I think I've ruined about 3 sharpeners now trying to get a nice tip, but forget about it you'll never get the nice point the pencil had when you first got it. Now despite that, I really love the Master Shape Brow Pencil because its very waxy, doesn't require you to set it with gel or anything to get it to stay all day and comes with a nice spoolie to help distribute the wax since it can get a little clumpy.


I know I know, there is NO need to actually have the Sephora brand brow gel, but I bought this when I was just starting out with makeup, I promise I didn't know any better! They've actually now changed the packaging a bit and raised the price (I got mine for $10) on the Sephora Clear Defining Mascara, but seriously save your money all brow gels work pretty much the same. Since I have oily skin, I tend to always set my brows whether I'm using powder or a pencil just for extra longevity

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