Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr!

I've finally gotten with the program and made myself a Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr page! I'm taking it slow so it'll be a little bit before I get over to the newer sites such as Instagram and Pinterest since having too many sites to manage overwhelms me a bit haha, but hopefully this will allow me to interact with you guys better! I'm also working on getting buttons for the sidebar of blog that will show you where you can find me.

On my Twitter I'm going to be tweeting about my daily adventures and of course everything beauty! There's a lot of things I never get to share with you guys because I'm picky about my photos and doing posts, so this will allow me to just be more personal. Expect lots of adorable Ollie pictures as well ;)!
Find me: HERE

Facebook is pretty new to me when I'm using it as an admin to a page, so I'm still getting the hang of getting it to look the way I want. Its connected to my personal Facebook so I always see any activity on the page so that's going to be a great way for anyone to get in touch with me any time!
Fine me: HERE

I've always been a fan of Tumblr, so having one completely dedicated to makeup and beauty photos is so very fun for me to do! I'm so amazed at all the creative people on this website that take such amazing photos with things as simple as their smart phones. I'll be posting a lot of my original photos that don't make the cut for this blog/ones that are edited!
Find me: HERE

So these are all the ways you can get in contact with me outside of this blog, come and say hi :)!


  1. Added your page to my page's favorites! :) Welcome to all three venues! I used to be so attached to Tumblr and forgot all about it. I need to get back on there. Lately, Pinterest and Instagram have been my main addictions!


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