Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Hit Pan!

 I'm not even going to try and blame this on my blog because I would still hoard makeup if I weren't writing Massachusetts Mask, but considering the crap ton amount of eyeshadows I own, this is quite the accomplishment!

This is the "Browbone" shade from the Wet n Wild I Heart Matte palette which came out around fall of last year and I'm pretty sure you can't get it anymore since it was part of a collection. But luckily Wet n Wild has a single eyeshadow called "Brulee" which is the exact same shade.

I particularly love this shadow because it has a very smooth texture (hard to come across, especially at the drugstore) and I'll throw it on as a highlight when I want something subtle or use it to help blend out my crease color.

I've been working on a little bit of a secret "Project Pan", and when I say secret I mean I've been trying to fool myself into using some of the same products over and over again! Otherwise, I get SO bored doing the same makeup day after day and it has the adverse effect, makes me want to buy new products. I'll try and use the same blush or the same lipgloss every time I do my makeup that week and plan different looks around it so it is satisfying my need to mix it up and I'm still using up some products I want to cycle out of my collection.

 As much as I love the thrill of getting new makeup, I have to say its just that much more satisfying to actually see a product show some pan!


  1. Theres something so satisfying yet sad about reaching pan. I always think wow I much have love this eyeshadow. Though by the time you realise that its all gone haha. Its a lovely shade though! xx

    1. Well with the amount of eyeshadows I have I only feel relief haha ;)!

  2. I hit pan in the same palette, except on the dark brown lmao


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