Monday, October 24, 2011

Sigma F45 Buffer Brush

Ideal to apply mineral foundation, loose or pressed powders. Also great to buff colors and obtain a soft, blended look. Natural bristles. 

Pros: This brush is INCREDIBLY soft! I actually like how the bristles are less dense and more spread out, I find it makes it easier to cover my face in a couple swipes. I love the finish the Sigma F45 Buffer Brush gives my skin whether I buff powder over my liquid foundation or I'm just using powder foundation, you won't end up with that "powder-y" look!

Cons: Even if I leave this out on my vanity for a couple hours, you can see noticeable dust collecting on the bristles of the brush. I don't know if this is just because my room is extra dusty, but this thing attracts it like no other, so I find it to be kind of a hassle to keep it inside a drawer where I store my makeup! After a few washes my F45 Buffer Brush has really opened up more, its only slightly denser than any old powder brush. Because of the this, I feel like the brush almost absorbs some of the powder when I use it, which in returns makes me have to put more powder on the brush, which results in a waste of product! I really hate how the writing is around the kabuki handle, there's no way to avoid grabbing it so eventually it's going to completely rub off. I've only had my F45 Buffer Brush for a little under two months and I already see the writing coming off (you should've put it on the bottom of the handle Sigma)! So you'll either have to do the old clear nail polish trick or suffer with an un-numbered kabuki. After you wash this brush, there's really no good way to let it dry. When you lay it on the side you'll end up with an indentation in the bristles and I find every time I dry to lay it completely upside down to dry (bristles down) it always falls over when I'm not looking. The drying time is also a little irritating, this takes about twice the normal time to dry than my other brushes. I have had some issues with this brush shedding, it was a little concerning the first time I washed it, but every time after that hasn't been anything more than a hair or two.

Overall: I think after you factor in the price of the Sigma F45 Buffer Brush and the cost of shipping, you're lookin' at a pretty penny for an average kabuki brush. The F45 is great for just setting your makeup with powder (which is only what I use it for), but I think you could find a drugstore kabuki for a lot less to do the job just as well! But if this is something that floats your boat because you love Sigma brushes so much, head over here to grab it!

These products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not compensated, and I am a Sigma affiliate. These thoughts are my own & I will always be honest :)!

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