Thursday, October 6, 2011

MAC Paint Pot in "Indianwood"

A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.

Metallic antique bronze (Frost) 

Pros: The glass jar packaging is very sleek and sturdy, it looks nice but also does a good job of protecting the product if you tend to be a little clumsy with your makeup (we all have our moments...)! I really wanted this particular paint pot because I thought it would make an easy all-over-the-lid color, but I got nervous when I saw how dark Indianwood actually is/thought it wouldn't go very well with my brown eyes. Boy was I completely wrong! Its definitely  more prominent on your lid than a typical champagne color, but still light enough to wear during the day and looks great on any eye color. The MAC website describes Indianwood as a "Metallic antique bronze (Frost)" and I think that's the perfect description so you know exactly what you're getting (MAC descriptions can sometimes be a little iffy and you end up with something completely different than what you thought). Don't let the frost finish scare you, I know when I think of a frost I imagine something gritty with low pigmentation, but that is so the opposite of Indianwood! I've tried using a couple different types of brushes with this Paint Pot, like a Sigma E55, E60, and E25 but I find that nothing quite gives you the same amount of color and coverage as your fingers. This is great if you don't have any/many brushes to chose from, and saves you the pain of washing it later!

Cons: Although it looks nice and keeps the product safe from general wear and tear, the packaging has some major downfalls. When the paint pot is stored right side up, there's no way to tell what color is it is (annoying if you have more than one) because of the black top and the sticker with the name of the paint pot is on the bottom of the jar. So if you have a couple of these paint pots, storing them upside-down is an easier way to find which one you're looking for, but know that the black tops will get scratched up over time. Yet another issue with the packaging department is the screw-off tops. Often when I'm in a hurry I forget to screw the top on all the way which results in my paint pot drying out a bit. This will happen naturally over time of course, but having packaging that closes a little tighter would pro-long the paint pot's life! I've only had Indianwood since my birthday in July and I can already notice it pulling away from the edges of the jar. Again, I don't know if that's because of my lack of screwing the top on all the way or its just happening naturally, but I would've thought it would have lasted longer before doing that. When you're working with Indianwood, I find that it dries pretty fast once you place it on the lid, so if you plan on doing any blending, you need to do it quickly! MAC paint pots are notorious for being good eyeshadow primers, some people swear by them, saying they never crease. I've found that using Indianwood alone on my eyes lasts me about 3 hours before it creases, and even with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it only lasts about 4-5 hours. But keep in mind that I have really oily skin, its still hot hot hot in Massachusetts, and I don't put a powder shadow on top because I usually use Indianwood when I'm in a time crunch, so it could have totally different staying power on your lids!

Overall: I can completely look past some of the flaws the MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood has because it it just such a gorgeous and unique color! Normally I would lean towards shades like the Bare Study Paint Pot but Indianwood is sunning on the eyes when I want something bolder, but it is still so neutral that I don't feel out of my comfort zone. I love that when I want to use this Paint Pot I don't need to fuss with brushes, blending, and all that jazz; I can just swipe it on with my finger and go. Indianwood was given to me by the sweetest brother in the whole word (with a little prompting from me of course ;] ) but I think it has sparked a little addiction to MAC Paint Pots!


  1. I love that paint pot, i have the same colour.

  2. I have been craving in indianwood for so long now. I better make a splurge:)

  3. oooh that is really a gorgeous color. It's so usable for Fall too and neutral, everyday looks!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  4. @Shade I'm surprised a lot of people have this color Paint Pot but I haven't really heard anything about it!

    @Pandora's Box You won't regret it :)!

    @laura It is absolutely gorgeous for this time of year, I'm also going to love using it during the holidays!

  5. such a beautiful shade i'm thinking of ordering this and rubenesque , great review :) x

  6. @Adrienne Definitely grab this one, it'll be a new staple for you :) I've swatched Rubenesque before, it's a bit too orange for my skin tone/eye color, but I bet it will look fab on you!


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