Monday, October 10, 2011

Its Starting to Smell a lot Like Christmas...and a Little Like Halloween (Bath & Body Works Haul)

A couple of weeks ago Bath & Body Works was having a deal where all the online exclusive body care items were $5.00 each and Twisted Peppermint was added, which is my absolute favorite scent (I think that's probably because it was the first one I ever smelled from Bath & Body Works)!

So I went ahead and placed a little online order:

Twisted Peppermint Triple Moisture Body Cream
Price: $5.00

Twisted Peppermint Fragrance Mist
Price: $5.00

Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel
Price: $5.00

Twisted Peppermint Body Lotion
Price: $5.00

PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel 3-Pack Glow-in-the-Dark Bundle with Sour Drop, Gum Ball, and Chocolate Chew  
Price: $2.25
I LOVE this time of year, I especially can't wait for the holidays :)


  1. I can gladly giveaway my first born just to get my hands on these :)

  2. i wish we hab bath&body works in germany :(

  3. I have to say, I love Christmas-themed scents! They just really help get me into the mood for the season!

    Happy Monday!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. @Pandora's Box Haha! :)

    @hedi I actually heard that they are expanding to Germany, so keep your fingers crossed!

    @laura I know, they are my absolute FAVORITE! I just wanna sit around a big fire and sing Christmas carols in a big ugly sweater ;)

  5. I love the nice packaging!

  6. I like the twisted peppermint stuff from B&BW but I like the first noel better. I like the carmel smell to it.


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