Friday, January 14, 2011

Mall Haul

I'm having a fantastic Friday and I hope you all are too! After a terribly long week for the both of us, my mom decided we should take a trip to the mall. I was really trying to not spend a ton of money as I'm saving up for some big ticket items, but what the heck, I had some coupons.


I really wanted to go here so I could swatch some things (which by the way, Nars blush in Exhibit A is on the top of my wish list) and ended up walking out with just one item, which is a huge accomplishment for me!
The Clinique Black Honey Glow Set was originally on my to-check-out list, but when I did, I decided the only product I would actually be interested in is the lipstick. The blush is way too sheer, the gloss is sticky, and the entire set is way smaller than I imagined. Though you can still buy this here for a limited time only, I went ahead and just got the lipstick, (I owe a thanks to MakeupSparkle's post, she's how I found out about this product). I will do a full review on this later!
Price: $14.50

Bath & Body Works:

I honestly went in here with a list of only things I needed, but that went out the window when they didn't have 2 of the 3 things, so I just went around enjoying the last of the clearance bins!

-Pearberry Body Splash
I planned on just getting this, the Country Apple, and Sun-Ripened Raspberry one, but apparently everyone has been gobbling these up. But that's okay, I love this fruity scent and it goes with the Pearberry lotion I bought in a previous haul.
Price: $3.00
-Fresh Market Apple Handibac Hand Spray
This is absolutely my favorite hand sanitizer smell, and I think it just looks a little bit chic-er than the Pocketbacs. I wish I had picked up more of these, and some in particular for my brother, who's a germ freak.
Price: $1.00

-Butterfly Flower Travel Sized Lotion
Before we headed to the mall I checked online to see if there was any good coupons for Bath & Body Works going around, and I found this one that's good for another couple of weeks. It gives you a free signature collection travel sized body lotion, which I think is a great deal! I picked Butterfly Flower because I plan on using this as my signature spring scent, so why not start stocking up on it now?
Price: Free

-Mint Chocolate Home Fragrance Oil
From previous posts you should know how obsessed I am with this scent by now! It's perfect for winter, the smell just makes you want to curl up in a blanket in front of a fire. I got this for my room instead of another candle to insure I won't be burning down the house anytime soon; I tend to forget things are burning so not a good idea!
Price: $1.50

Of course I needed a little Scentbug to go along with the oil, so I just got one from the 75% off bins and it's a metallic blue color (it was that or pink, ick). I really wanted the wood print Scentbug, but that one was full price so I'll just get that one in the summer time, since it is pretty jungle-esque. I must say these things are really easy/fun to use, I wish I had gotten one earlier.
Price: $4.50


  1. Great blog! I have been meaning to try out that scent bug for awhile now. Your mall haul picks are fantastic, now following you,care to follow back XOXO

  2. Im so glad you got that set! I think I'm addicted, its the perfect color :)

  3. @Venus In Virgo Thanks! You should get one now while they're 75% off, otherwise I don't think I'd pay $14.50 for one! Don't worry, I'll definitely be following your blog :)

    @MakeupSparkle I didn't actually end up getting the set, just the lipstick! I love it so much, I'm addicted as well!

  4. Oh my gosh I meant that! Oopsie :) I agree with you, once I saw the set in person I was like... its not worth it :(

  5. I want a scentbug so baddd! I love the wooden print one it's so modern! The theme I want for my dorm room is earthy, so it would fit in perfectly!! Great blog!

  6. @MakeupSparkle Yeah I wasn't going to use anything except the lipstick, so that's just what I got!

    @Diary of a Short Girl Definitely get one! I have a pretty large room and it fills it in with a scent in about 5 minutes. I know, I love the wood one too! I'm planning on getting it in the summer time, along with some nice fruity scents!

  7. Ooooo! I like the scentbugs!

  8. @YB* You should get one! They fill any room with delicious fragrance in a couple minutes, so worth it!


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