Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bhati Beads

I first discovered these beautiful bracelets on a YouTube beauty guru's video, beautyxxgoddess! She put a link to the Bhati Beads website in the downbar, so I checked it out and absolutely fell in love. The Bhati Beads website features so many gorgeous different styles of silk wrap bracelets (among other jewelry), all hand made by Margaret Maggard herself!
 They were having a huge 30% off sale on Cyber Monday, so that's when I placed my order!
I ordered a red Silk Planet wrap, which are normally $48 a piece, but I got it for $41, including shipping!

My package came on Friday the 10th of December, and that's really the only problem I had with the Bhati Beads. I ordered them on the 29th of November, and was expecting it to only take maybe 4 or 5 days to arrive. But when I saw this cute little package, complete with hot pink tissue paper, it made the wait completely worth it!

When you receive your order, you get a little box with everything in it wrapped nicely in hot pink tissue paper (or possibly some other colors!) and a handwritten card from Margaret Maggard herself! Inside the tissue paper, there's a gorgeous little gold cinch bag with your wrap in it and a little Bhati Beads business card.

The wraps come with little toggle-style clasp ends, complete with a little silver tag labeled "BB x MM" for Bhati Beads and Margaret Maggard!

I usually wear my Bhati Beads wrap around my wrist, but I have done it around my neck as a long, dangly necklace, and even as headband! The price of these is a little high, but if you think about the various ways they can be worn, you're getting a great deal!

If you don't want to go through the shipping issues I had, you now don't have to! The Gap's line "Athleta" now sells some Bhati Beads here! There is a limited selection, but none the less gorgeous!

Here, beautyxxgoddess a YouTube beauty guru, features Bhati Beads in an Outfit Of The Day video!

And then later does a full review on them, which can be watched here!

 I would definitely recommend you check out these gorgeous homemade creations! So head over to the Bhati Beads website or your local Gap store and pick one of these up today!


  1. @Joni you should treat yourself to one, I end up wearing mine everyday!

  2. do you know which type of bhati beads beautyxxgoddess wears in her videos? because I checked out the website and they have a bunch of different kinds...

  3. @Skoots2 beautyxxgoddess has the gold silk planets in green: and the rest of hers are these ones:
    Hope I helped!


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