Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bath & Body Works Haul

Sorry for all the Bath & Body Works related posts lately, but they have been having amazing sales! This was an online order that I placed on December 26th, and it came on the 30th, which is faster than I was expecting with all the after Christmas mailing back ups. I got a ton of stuff (none of it full-priced!) and I'm very happy to say I'll only be exchanging 3 items (I had never smelled most of the stuff I ordered). I'm going to break the full-sized classic lotions up into categories so it doesn't just go on forever and ever!

-Bali Mango Travel Sized Body Lotion
 My mom really liked this scent when I got it for Christmas, so I got her another one to keep in her purse since she said she was out of the one she had been previously using. If you want a full review of this new fragrance, then check out this post!

-Orange Sapphire Travel Sized Body Lotion
Again, my mom really likes this smell so I got her one to keep in her purse. I think Bath & Body Works is discontinuing this fragrance because everything from that line has been on sale. So if you like this, go stock up! I'm not really a fan of this smell because it's nothing original, I feel like it's the same as any old orange product. But since my mom likes it, I hope they keep it around!

-Concentrated Room Spray in Twisted Peppermint
I absolutely love Twisted Peppermint, and since I can't burn the candle in my room, I thought this would be the perfect solution! But I'm sad to say it's one of the 3 things I'm going to go exchange. To me, this has only the slightest hint of Twisted Peppermint, and then there's this really sweet/disgusting other smell that isn't in the other products. This is also way smaller than I was expecting, I thought I was getting a Frebreze sized room spray, but it's about the same as a travel sized lotion. I'm glad these are only $3 right now instead of $7 because I would feel really cheated!

-Black Amethyst Body Lotion
I thought they were discontinuing this fragrance since all the stuff was on sale, but thank god Bath & Body Works is just redesigning the product art (the new one is a gorgeous purple flower). I don't really mind this one since it matches the old Eau de Toilette that I have, but I do mind that I got sent a botched bottle. I tried for half an hour to screw the cap off so I could get a good smell, but the thing just twists around and doesn't screw off. So then I tried to pop the little lotion dispenser up, and oh my god, you have to be an Iron Man to pop it up! I love this smell so I might go back and make them replace it, but I haven't decided yet.


-Signature Collection Classics Sun-Ripened Raspberry
This just sounds so good how could you not get it?! I love the smell of this, it's just a little bit fruity and then you get this fresh flower fragrance that you weren't expecting. I kind of wish it screamed  "raspberry", but I love the super girly and floral scent anyway! I will definitely get a lot of use out of this come spring and summer time!

 -Signature Collection Classics Country Apple
One of the girls in my ceramics class had this lotion a while back, and when she used it the room always smelled delicious! So of course I wanted one for myself. It's not quite as apple-y as the Fresh Market Apple, but you do get a hint and it's just a very subtle fruity smell! I bet guys would love this because it is so sheer and light, so if you have a special one in your life that could use a little fragrance, get him one of these!

-Signature Collection Classics Pink Grapefruit
I was hesitant about getting this one because a lot of grapefruit fragrances come out very artificial smelling, but this is actually one of my favorites! It's just like you sliced a grapefruit open in front of you, with a little bit of an orange hint to it. This is the perfect summer scent!

-Signature Collection Classics Pearberry
The picture on the bottle isn't all that appealing to me, but it's probably my favorite smell of the bunch! I can't really pick out the pear smell, but it's just blended so good with other berries, almost like the sun-ripened raspberry but less floral. The bottle also says "Infused with real strawberry and pear extracts" which makes me feel really good about putting this on my body because you know some of it is natural ingredients.

-Signature Collection Classics Stawberry Lemonade
I love the cute little graphic on the label, and the color of the lotion is also really girly and adorable! This sound like it would smell delicious, and it really does! You can really smell the sweet strawberries, but you also get this tangyness from the lemons. It's perfectly blended, not too much strawberry and not too much lemon. I've never smelled anything remotely close to this, so congrats Bath & Body Works on another totally original scent! I want it to be July so bad right now so I can wear this!


-Signature Collection Classics Sheer Freesia
I don't have a really big "smell dictionary" when it comes to flowers, I haven't smelled a lot of them, so I don't really know what I like/don't like. But now I know I definitely don't like freesia! Ugh, there's just such a bite to this fragrance when I take a whiff, I can't stand it. Definitely exchanging this for something better.

-Signature Collection Classics Water Blossom Joy
The packaging on this bottle is adorable, it looks like a little water color painting! As for the smell, this is so fresh! It's just like the name "Water Blossom Joy" you get that floral fragrance (this one is a little stronger, almost like perfume) and then you pick up on that fresh/clean scent, like water! So thumbs up on the name, it's exactly what you get. This will be a great spring time lotion, another thing to look forward to!

-Signature Collection Classics Lemongrass Sage
I didn't really want to get this because I thought it might smell similar to the Dove Fresh Effects Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Spray (the yellow one), which just smells like straight up deodorant to me. But I'm happy to say it doesn't! This has a nice floral fragrance to it along with a little bit of that "fresh" smell, totally different from the Dove one. And again let me point out how cute and vintage looking the label on the bottle is!

-Signature Collection Classics Green Clover And Aloe
I had high hopes for this lotion because green clover just sounds like it would smell good. But this is just like the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" because this has a nasty fragrance despite it's cute packaging! The aloe is just overpowering and it smells like cheap shampoo. Definitely exchanging this for something better!


-Signature Collection Classics Seaspray
I got this one just because I think the bottle is really pretty (and the color of the body spray is pretty freakin' cool as well)! I'm happy to say I actually do like the way it smells, I was worried it would be a little too artificial (like the beachy hair products). But this is the perfect scent, it's almost as if you're at the beach! It's a very shower fresh smell to me and it's not too heavy on the skin. Again, I can't wait for the warmer months to wear this, since it just doesn't feel right in January!

So the sale where you can get these lotions for only $3 (saving you $6.50!) is still going on right now! So head on over to here and fill up your shopping cart!


  1. omg I'm pretty sure we'd be amazing friends haha I am in love with Bath and Body Works! My favorite scents are Berry Vanilla and Orange Sapphire! What are your favorites?

  2. @Emily D UGH I LOVE Berry Vanilla! Pretty much anything vanilla is delicious :) haha

  3. Wow, thats a lot of lotions! Haha ;) Which is your fav? You should do a post of your makeup collection... ive been kinda addicted to seeing other peoples collections!

  4. @Diary of a Short Girl awh thank you! :)

    @MakeupSparkle Haha yeah I have no wear to put them all! Country Apple is my favorite of the bunch, it smells SO delicious! I might do a makeup collection soon, but I just cleaned it out so it's pretty small at the moment.


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