Monday, May 20, 2013

I Got a Tattoo!

I thought I'd do a personal type post today and show you guys the tattoo I got a couple weeks ago on the 2nd!

This was my very first one, so I knew I wanted to go with something on the smaller side and put it in a place where I could see it all the time. Below the crease of my arm was the perfect choice for placement since my job doesn't really "allow" tattoos (you can get away with smaller ones) and this was I can still cover it easily if need be.

I got the date "05.10.12" in the font Palace MT Script because that was the day that Ollie my Jack Russell came home last year, you can read about him here!

The pain was pretty bad considering the area, it's not on the bone or anything so I didn't think it would feel that bad but trust me it wasn't fun! Only took about 10 minutes but I couldn't look the entire time since I have quite the needle phobia.

The area was swollen for a good three days, but other than that it healed nicely. There was some intense itchy moments though, thank god for lotion, I must've been applying it every 30 minutes or so on the 4th day with how itchy it was!
It's definitely true when they say tattoos are an addiction, I've already been planning a couple more that I want to get!

Do you guys have any tattoos?

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  1. ohmygosh! ollie is jus so darn cute! i love that his lil tongue sticks out!

    i've always wanted a tattoo, jus dont have the guts to get one just yet (afraid of needles).


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